Ways & Means Committee
March 5, 1997-4:00P  

HB 137
   For:     Rep. George West (himself)

HB 197
   For:     Rep. George West (Himself)
            Rep. Glenn (Himself)

HB 463
   For:     Jimmy Sylvia (himself)
            Rep. Zeb Zbranek (himself)
            Sarah Cerrone (herself)
   Against: Don Hansen (Tx Hotel/Motel Assoc.)
            Lucia Arrant (Tx Asc Convention & Vis)

HB 526
   For:     Rep. John Shields (himself)

HB 1281
   For:     Carlos Rubenstein (himself)
            John Wood (City of Brownsville)
            Paul Calapa (himself)
            Pete Gonzalez (himself)
            Rep. Rene Oliveira (himself)
   On:      Mona Shoemate (Comptroller of Public A)

HB 1411
   For:     Mary Beth McHale (MCI Telecommunication)
            Rep. Rene Oliveira (himself)
            Vaughn Aldredge (AT&T)

HB 1424
   For:     Don Hansen (Tx Hotel/Motel Assoc.)
            Don Mafrige (City of Galveston)
            Peter J. LaValle (Galveston Co. M.U.D. #1)
            Rep. Pattricia Gray (herself)