State Affairs Committee
March 10, 1997-1:00P  

HB 66
   For:     Jane Backus (TX Assn School Boards)
            Rep. Henry Cuellar (Self)
            Sheryl N. Cole (TX Municipal League)
   Against: Walter Hinojosa (Texas AFL-CIO)
   On:      Lonnie Hollingsworth (Classroom Teachers Assn)

HB 101
   For:     Rep. Patricia Gray (Self)

HB 123
   For:     Janee Briesemeister (Consumers Union)
   Against: Howard V. Fisher (Assn Electric Co.of TX)
            Michael Bauer (Southwestern Bell)
   On:      Bill Magness (Public Utility Comm.)
            Suzi Ray McClellan (Public Utility Council)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Michael Schneider (TX Assn of Broadcasters)
            Suzy Woodford (Common Cause TX)
            Tom "Smitty" Smith (Public Citizen)
   On:      Kathleen Hamiliton (Public Utility Comm.)

HB 223
   For:     Rep. Jim Pitts (Self)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Shanna Igo (TX Municipal League)
   On:      Lonnie Hollingsworth (Classroom Teachers Assn)

HB 672
   On:      Robin Herskowitz (Comptroller Public Acct)

HB 884
   For:     Melissa Shea (Common Cause TX)
            Rep. Mike Krusee (Self)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Tom "Smitty" Smith (Public Citizen)

HB 1031
   For:     Bill W. Young (Self)
            Buck Prewitt (TX Assn Gen Contractors)
            Greg Schnurr (Self)
            Rep. Gary Elkins (Self)
            Simon Zubras (Ind Elec Contractors TX)
   Against: Andrew Erben (TX Assn of Builders)
            Charles Dean (Harris Co Engineering)
            David Mintz (TX Apartment Assn)
            Don Whitley (Harris County)
            Ernest C. Kobs (Harris Co Flood Control)
            James R. Keyes (City of Fort Worth)
            Jeniffer Varley (City of Dallas)
            Kristin Newman (City of Denton)
            Reggie James (Consumers Union)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Jack Vick (Trinity Contractors)
            Jim Reynolds (Mech Contractors of TX)
            John Hines (Trinity Contractors)
            John R. McKinney III (Self)
            Les Moynahan (South TX Chapter, NECA)
            Raymond Risk (Subcontractors Assn TX)
            Reggie Nisbett (Self)
            Robert Bass (Lumbermen's Assn of TX)
   Against: Denise Nance Pierce (TX Assn School Boards)
            Kent Conine (TX Assn of Builders)
            Susan Morgan (TX Municipal League)

HB 1146
   For:     Dr. Charles Zucker (TX Faculty Association)
            Rep. Sherri Greenberg (Self)
   On:      Jan Summer (Center Public Policy DR)
            Nancy N. Lynch (SOAH)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Don Adams (Self)
            George S. Christian (Assn of Atty-Mediators)
            Jim Sewell (TX Building Branch)
            Lane A. Zivley (Public Employees Assn)
            Rick Levy (Texas AFL-CIO)
            Tom Reavley (Self)
   On:      Andrew Bowman (Center Public Policy DR)
            Carl Forrester (TNRCC- ADR Office)
            Loretta Dettay (Office of Atty General)
            Mina A. Clark (Center Public Policy DR)
            Phillip Holder (SOAH)
            Suzanne Marshall (Office of Atty General)