Public Health Committee
(Subcommittee on Cardiovascular Disease in Texas)
April 16, 1998-9:00A  

Cardiovascular Disease in Texas
   For:     Aredondo, Arthur (TX Coal. Cardio Disease)
            Hilsabeck, Rosemary (self)
            Jackson, Brenda S. Ph.D (self, AHA)
            Mandell, Missy (self, LCRA)
            Mobley, Doyle (Lee) (self, AStroke Survivors)
            Rodgers, George P. (TX Coal. Cardio Disease)
            Seidenfeld, John (CIGNA Healthcare of TX)
   On:      Hammond, BIll (TABCC)
            Huang, Philip, MD, MPH (TX Dept. of Health)
            Hymel, Ray (ERS of Texas)
            Longley, Dianne (TX Dept. of Insurance)
            Morgan, Ben E. (self,)
            Sowell, David S. (ERS & Blue Cross/Sheild)