Natural Resources Committee
April 30, 1997-3:00P  

HB 328
   For:     Kamel, Ted (Representative)
            Niemann, Larry (himself and clients)

HB 2614
   For:     Bailey, Ken (TX Assoc Firefighters)
            Bosse, Fred (Representative)

HB 3387
   For:     Gallego, Pete (Representative)
            Halbert, Wayne (Texas Irrigation Coun)

HB 3564
   For:     Jackson, Mike (Representative)
            Lowe, Janis (Clear Creek RFCD)

HB 3567
   For:     Cardenas, Alfredo (City of San Diego)
            Raymond, Richard (Representative)
   Against: Barrera, Homero (himself)
            Barrera, Rebeca (herself and siblings)
            Bazan, Rodolfo H. (Duval Co CRD)
            Martinez, Jose Noe (himself & farmers/ranch)
            Vera, Victor Jr. (himself & petitioners)

HB 3571
   For:     Dyer, Charles D. (himself)
            Dyer, Mary Beth (herself)
            Lee, Bob (City of Mont Belvieu)
            Leonard, Dennis (himself)
            Nelson, Albert Jr. (himself)
            Snow, David T. (City of Mont Belvieu)
            Zbranek, Zeb (Representative)
   Against: Randolph, Robert (Mt.Belv.Ind.Ass & TMOGA)
   On:      Johnson, Doug (RRC)
            Seni, Steven (RRC)

HB 3579
   For:     Hritz, J.A. (Bayer Corporation)
            Johnson, J.W. (Don) (Bayer Corporation)
            Zbranek, Zeb (Representative)

HB 3586
   For:     Eiland, Craig (Representative)

HB 3590
   For:     Hawley, Judy (Representative)

SB 26
   For:     Williams, Tommy (Representative)

SB 718
   For:     Hernandez, Victor (City of Lubbock)
            Hertel, Larry (City of Lubbock)
            Hindman, John (City of Lubbock)
            Jones, Delwin (Representative)
            Vandiver, Don (City of Lubbock)

SB 1175
   For:     Bosse, Fred (Representative)

SB 1656
   For:     Rangel, Irma (Representative)

SB 1888
   For:     Jackson, Mike (Representative)
            Richie, Carl S. (City of Pasadena)
            Schweinle, Bill (Clear Creek City WA)

SCR 35
   For:     Hunter, Bob (Representative)