Natural Resources Committee
March 19, 1997-3:00P  

HB 376
   For:     Davenport, David (Canyon Regional Wa Auth)
            Rosenberg, Louis T. (Bexar Metro Water Dist)

HB 644
   For:     Anderson, Dwayne (Clean Water Action)
            Solomons, Burt (Representative)
   On:      Petersen, Ken (TNRCC)

HB 1160
   For:     Denny, Mary (Representative)
   Against: Daniel, Eddy (TRWA)
            Dresher, Lyle H. (City of Keller)
   On:      Petersen, Ken (TNRCC)

HB 1484
   For:     Patterson, Pete (Representative)

HB 1541
   For:     Watson, Kent (TRWA)

HB 1542
   On:      Petersen, Ken (TNRCC)

HB 1802
   For:     Perrine, Catherine (League of Women Voters)
   On:      Knowles, Tommy (TWDB)
            Kowis, James (TNRCC)

HR 342
   On:      Knowles, Tommy (TWDB)

Financial Assit.& Water Data Coll.
   On:      Anderson, Dwayne (Clean Water Action)
            Patterson, Carol (herself)
            Perrine, Catherine (League of Women Voters)