Natural Resources Committee
March 12, 1997-3:00P  

HB 320
   For:     Hart, Bob (City of Georgetown)
            Krusee, Mike (Representative)

HB 1217
   For:     Derr, E.H. (McAllen Fire Dept.)
            Economedes, Johnny G. (Edinburg Fire Dept.)
            Gutierrez, Roberto (Representative)

HB 1254
   For:     Jackson, Mike (Representative)
            Welder, Leo James Jr. (TX Ports Assoc.& PCCA)
            Younger, Pat (TX Ports Assoc.)
   On:      Mills, Ken (GLO)

HB 1542
   For:     Lowerre, Richard (himself)
   On:      Anderson, Dwayne (Clean Water Action)
            Kramer, Ken (Sierra Club)
            Weber, Thomas (TNRCC)

HB 1663
   For:     Oliveira, Rene (Representative)
            Wood, John (City of Brownsville)

HB 1801
   For:     Hall, Jimmy Alan (himself and clients)
            Henson, Robert M. (himself)
            Hinson, J.T. (himself)
            Kennedy, Carlin L. (himself)
            McCleery, Sherryl (himself)
   On:      Junell, Robert (Representative)

HB 1802
   For:     Gilbert, Risher S. (El Paso Wat. Util.-PSB)
            Jarvis, Glenn (Tx. Irrigation Council)
            Johnson, Russell (SAWS)
            Maddox, David (Sweetwater)
            Miksa, Mary (TABCOC)
            Stansell, Wade (AECT)
   Against: Akers, Monte (TML)
            Anderson, Charles F. (Arlington)
            Bezanson, Janice (NWF)
            Bradley, Lee C. Jr. (Ft. Worth)
            Stewart, Terrace W. (Dallas)
   On:      Bowers, Richard S. (N. Plains GWCD #2)
            Knowles, Tommy (TWDB)
            Kowis, James (TNRCC)
            McKinney, Larry (TPWD)
            Pearson, Dan (TNRCC)
            Pedersen, Craig (TWDB)
            Shilling, Mark (TX Chemical Council)
            Williams, C.E. (Panhandle GWCD)

SB 92
   For:     Gray, Patricia (Representative)
            Rucker, Daniel D. (Bayview Galveston Co.)

Surface Water & Groundwater Supply
   On:      Bowers, Richard (N. Plains GWCD #2)
            Couch, Bill (Barton Sprgs./EACD)
            Ellis, Gregory M. (EAA)
            Everheart, Harvey (Mesa UWCD)
            Holland, Scott (Irion Co. WCD)
            Jarvis, Glenn (Tx. Irrigation Council)
            Patterson, Carol (herself)
            Patterson, Kirk (himself)
            Stansell, Wade (AECT)
            Williams, C.E. (TAG)
            Williams, John C. (CRMWA)
            Wyatt, A. Wayne (High Plains UWCD #1)