Insurance Committee
April 28, 1997-10:30A  

HB 2024
   For:     Dutton, Harold (Sponsor of bill)
            Roan, Forest (Amer. Ins. Assn.)
   On:      Durden, David (TDI)

HB 2097
   For:     Uher, D.R. (Sponsor of bill)
   Against: Jean, James (Texas Assn of Counties)
            Korioth, Tony (Tex Muni League Group B)
            Lemens, Robert (Texas Assn of Counties)

HB 2140
   For:     Price, Rayford (Credit Ins. Companies)

HB 2814
   For:     Danburg, Debra (Sponsor)

HB 2887
   For:     Fisher, Nancy (Independent Title Assn)

HB 2941
   For:     Damstra, Glenn (The Hartford)
            Howden, Robert (Nat'l Fed Indep Bus Tex)
            Huxell, Robert (TAIA)
            Kouba, Keith (Himself)
            McCall, Brian (Sponsor of bill)
            Roan, Forest (Amer. Ins. Assn)
   On:      Durden, David (TDI)

HB 3364
   For:     Gilbert, Robert (Natinowide Ins.)
            Primera, Linda (Nationwide Ins.)
            Wise, Miguel (Sponsor of bill)
   Against: Schneider, Rob (Consumers Union)
            Watkins, Robert (State Farm)
   On:      Bayless, Linda (TDI)
            Bordelon, Rod (OPIC)
            McGehee, Jack (Tex Trial Lawyers)

SB 258
   For:     McCall, Brian (Sponsor of bill)
   On:      Myron, Rhonda (TDI)

SB 1106
   For:     Averitt, Kip (House Sponsor)
            Smith, Pat (Texas Farm Bureau Ins C)
            Thompson, Jay (AFACT)
   On:      Bordelon, Rod (OPIC)
            Durden, David (TDI)