Insurance Committee
March 24, 1997-10:30A  

HB 1498
   For:     Wise, Miguel (Sponsor)
   On:      Anderson, Lyndon (TDI)

HB 1662
   For:     Counts, David (Sponsor)
   Against: Burner, Burnie (Tx Gnty Mutual Assn)
            Davis, Will (USAA, Foremost C.M.)
            Geiger, Richard (Vesta Ins. Group)
            Thompson, Jay (AFACT)

HB 1708
   For:     Cobb, Ronald (Amer Ins Assn)
            Lewis, Glenn (Sponsor)
   On:      Brady, Kevin (TDI)

HB 1709
   For:     Johnson, Gerald (IAA)
            Lewis, Glenn (Sponsor)
   On:      Anderson, Lyndon (TDI)

HB 1815
   For:     Abdnor, John (IAA)
            Dutton, Harold (Sponsor)
            Parker, Carl (IAA)
   On:      Bordelon, Rod (OPIC)
            Perkins, Pamela (Attny General)
            Reeser, Rose Ann (TDI)

HB 1963
   For:     Briesmeister, Janee (Consumers Union)
            Ferguson, Francis (Tx Assn of Cmty Dev. Co)
            Henneberger, John (Tx Low Income Housing)
            Hirschi, John (Sponsor)
            Huebell, Lee (Himself)
            Westbrook, Gilson (Himself)
   Against: Lee, Randy (Stewart Title Grnty Co)
            Snead, Robert (Texas Land and Title As)
   On:      Cordova, Leroy (Himself)
            Durden, David (TDI)

HB 2063
   For:     Clayton, Nan (AARP)
            Redus, Ron, DDS (Texas Dental Assn)
            Van de Putte, Letecia (Sponsor)

HB 2314
   For:     Van de Putte, Leticia (Sponsor)
   Against: Lee, Randy (Stewart Title Grnty)
            Snead, Robert (Texas Land and Title)

HB 3391
   For:     Neeley, Karen (Indep Bankers Assn of T)
            Payne, Tyson (Tx Assn Life Underwrite)
            Smithee, John (Sponsor)
            Spillman, Wade (Tx Assn of Ins Agents)
            Tooley, Ken (Tex Assn Life Underwrit)
   Against: Boggins, Joseph (First St Bank of Rio Vi)
            Heasley, John (Tx Bankers Assn)