Energy Resources Committee
April 8, 1997-10:30A  

HB 1730
   For:     Representative Turner (Himself)
   On:      Larry Borella (Railroad Commission)

HB 1958
   For:     Johnnie B. Rogers Jr. (TX Propane Gas Assoc.)
   Against: Mike Williams (TX Electric Cooperative)
   On:      Dan Kelly (Railroad Commission)

HB 2691
   On:      David Garlic (Railroad Commission)
            Mike Wiley (TECC)
            Noel Tyler (University of Texas)

HB 3108
   For:     Representative Craddick (Himself)
            Scott Anderson (T.I.P.R.O.)
   On:      Dan Burck (University of Texas)
            Pamela Bacon (Attorney General)
            T. Michael O'Conner (TX A&M University Syste)

HB 3162
   For:     Representative Brimer (Himself)
            Scott Anderson (T.I.P.R.O.)
   Against: John Butler (Petroleum Information)
            Nim Graves (HPDI)
            Suzy Woodford (Common Cause TX)
   On:      David Schieck (Railroad Commission)
            Debra Williams (Railroad Commission)
            Mike Regan (Railroad Commission)

HB 3471
   For:     Representative Eiland (Himself)
   On:      Karen Raven (SECO)
            Tobin Harvey (SECO)