Economic Development Committee
(Subcommittee on Welfare and Workforce Reform)
January 27, 1998-9:30A  

Welfare and Workforce Reform
   On:      Anderson, Vicki (TCWEC)
            Bailey, Don (Attorney General's Off.)
            Baldwin, Jeff (Dept. Criminal Justice)
            Barron, Glenda (Higher Ed. Coor. Board)
            Burton, Marcus (Tx Youth Commission)
            Curry, Ronald (Higher Ed. Coor. Board)
            Ellison, Burt (TWC)
            Embree, Alice (Attorney General's Off.)
            Everhardt, Richard (Dept. Human Services)
            Funk, Richard (TCWEC)
            Graham, Terry (Texas Youth Commission)
            Hill, Holli (TX State Technical Coll)
            Hodge, Ann (TCWEC)
            Lanford, Lane (Dept. Economic Develop.)
            Lindsay, Paul (Tx Education Agency)
            McKinney, Mike (H&HS Commission)
            Reece, Will (TCWEC)
            Robinson, Steve (Texas Youth Commission)
            Sapp, Ann (Dept. Human Services)
            Wattles, Dan (Dept. Economic Develop.)