Economic Development Committee
April 22, 1997-10:30A  

HB 1625
   For:     Flores, Enrique, Jr. (United Auto Workers)
            Moses, Mike (United Auto Workers)
            Tillery,Dale,Rep. (Self)
   Against: Oller, Shawn (TX Assn.Bus. & C.O.C.'s)
            Pinkus, David (Sm. Bus. United of TX)
   On:      Perdue, David (TWC)
            Sheridan, Mike (TWC)

SB 293
   For:     Tillery, Dale Rep. (self)

SB 503
   For:     Hormuth, Pam (TX Kids Count Project)
            Olivo, Dora, Rep. (Self)
            Vinet, Michele (Self)
   On:      Martin, Charles (TWC)
            McDaniel, Carol (TWC)

SB 1113
   For:     Pinkus, David (Sm. Bus. United of TX)
   On:      Coleman, Emmet (TX Comptroller)
            Hall, Patricia (TWC)

SB 1114
   For:     Coleman, Garnet, Rep. (Self)
   On:      Hall, Patricia (TWC)

SB 1514
   For:     Flores, Kino, Rep. (Self)
   On:      Hernandez, Sofia (TX Dept. of Health)
            Torrez, Dan (TX Attorney General)

SB 1518
   For:     Davis, Dan G. (Houston Adv.Research)
            Williams, Thomas, Rep. (Self)