Economic Development Committee
March 11, 1997-10:30A  

HB 81
   For:     Bower, Bruce (TX Leg. Services Center)
            Browning, BJ (TX Conf. of Police/Sher)
            Levy, Rick (TX AFL-CIO)
            Longoria, John,Rep. (Bill Author)
            Means, Jack (TX Conf. of Police/Sher)
   Against: Bauman, Ronda (TABC)
            Curry, Bob (NFIB)
            Knepp, Christopher A. (TX Empl. Law Council)
            Kunkle, Jerry (JP Const. and Assoc.)
            Pinkus, David (Sm. Bus. United of TX)
            Rohm, Wanda Chandler (NFIB)
   On:      Sheridan, Mike (TWC)

HB 160
   For:     Dill, Walton J. (S.A.T.C.)
            Gray, John E. (South TX. Elec. J.A.T.C)
            Hinojosa, Walter (TX AFL-CIO)
            Jones, Tom (Ind. Electrical Cont.)
            Wood, Joe M. (Sheet Metal Appr.Train)
   Against: Bauman, Ronda (TABC)
            Traynor, Stephen P. (IEC/ Assoc.Build.& Cont)
   On:      Dean, Toni M. (TWC)

HB 334
   For:     Bower, Bruce (Lawyer)
            Donoho, Travis (TX State Emp. Union/CWA)
            Hinojosa, Walter (TX AFL-CIO)
            Lavine, Richard (Cent.for Pub.Pol.Prior.)
            Maxey, Glen (Bill Author)
   Against: Bauman, Ronda (TABC)
            Cheng, Albert (Free Market Committee)
            Curry, Bob (NFIB)
            Rohm, Wanda Chandler (NFIB)
   On:      Martin, Charles (Texas Workforce Comm.)

HB 777
   For:     Alexander, Steve (Mesquite City Council)
            Folks, James (City of Mesquite)
            Tillery, Dale (Bill Author)
   Against: Bishop, Bruce (Computer Sci. Engineer)
            Bishop, Molly (C.P.A.)

HB 1527
   Against: Pine, Arthur (Mid. Rio Grande WF Bd.)
            Strieber, Marcia (WF Dev. Bd. of Cent. TX)
   On:      Lee, Donald (Conference of Urban Co.)
            Patterson, Michael (TCWEC)
            Sheridan, Mike (TX Workforce Comm.)

Child Care Management System/Fund.
   On:      Baylor, Hazel (Texas Workforce Comm.)
            Deike, Bobby (EOAC/Waco)
            Garcia, Rosaura (Vargas, Miroslava, Dr.)
            Garvin, Stacy (Child Care Provider)
            Hammond, Bill (TWC)
            Hilbig, Ann (Neighbor. Centers Inc.)
            Perdue, David R. (TWC)
            Ramirez, Ricardo (TX Migrant Council)
            Rath, Diane (Texas Worforce Comm.)
            Redwine, LaVerne A. (Child Care Prov. Assoc.)
            Robertson, Loretta R. (Child Care Admin.)
            Rodriguez, Mary Helen (CCMS beneficiary)
            Rubin, Melanie (The Child Care Group)
            Sheinberg, Bartlett M. (Community College Foun.)
            Solis, Rene (YWCA of El Paso)
            Strieber, Marcia (WF Dev. Bd. of Cent. TX)