Economic Development Committee
February 25, 1997-10:30A  

HB 39
   For:     Antolik, Cindy (American Cancer Society)
            Saponara, Laura (ACLU)
            Sokolow, Judith (Advocacy, Inc.)
            Zindenberg,Martin H.,MD (Tx. Healthcare/Biosci.)
   Against: Knepp, Christopher A. (Tx. Empl. Law Council)
            Taylor, Charles M. (Member, TABCC and SHRM)
            Thompson, Jay A. (Tx. Life Insurance)
   On:      Mills, Gordon, M.D. (U.T.M.D. Anderson)
            Mollenberg, Diane (Tx. Dept. of Insurance)

HB 220
   For:     Saponara, Laura (ACLU)
            Sokolow, Judith (Advocacy, Inc.)

HB 425
   For:     Bloom, Ed (Tx. Assoc.for Education)

HB 994
   For:     Pinkus, David (Small Bus. United of Tx)
            Risk, Raymond (Am. Subcontractor Assoc)
   On:      Riley, Steve (Texas Workforce Comm.)

HB 1410
   For:     Briesemeister, Janee (Consumers Union)
            Henneberger, John (Tx. Low Income Housing)
            Mintz, David (Tx. Apartment Assoc.)
   Against: Booth, Danny (Tx. Eco. Dev. Corp.)
            Newman, Joe (Tx. Eco. Dev. Council)

Economic Development Corporations
   For:     Booth, Danny (TEDC, Terrell Chamber)
            Prickette, John F. (TEDC)