Economic Development Committee
February 11, 1997-10:30A  

Child Care
   On:      Kensey, Marcia (UT Human Resource Cntr.)
            Schexnaryer, Deanne (UT Human Resource Cntr.)

State Occupational Info. Coor. Comm
   On:      Froeschle, Richard (SOICC)

Texas Department of Commerce
   On:      Arnett, Brenda (Department of Commerce)
            McNeil, Dan (Department of Commerce)

Texas Workforce Commission
   On:      Baylor, Hazel (Texas Workforce Comm.)
            Fernandez, Mike (Texas Workforce Comm.)
            Hammond, Bill (Texas Workforce Comm.)
            Perdue, David R. (Texas Workforce Comm.)
            Rath, Diane D. (Texas Workforce Comm.)
            Sheridan, Mike (Texas Workforce Comm.)
            Townsend, Randy (Texas Workforce Comm.)

TANF Block Grants
   On:      Bresette, Patrick (CPPP)

   On:      Patterson, Michael M. (TCWEC)