County Affairs Committee
May 7, 1997-8:00A  

HB 3580
   For:     King, Tracey (Himself)
   Against: Wells, James (Denton Co. Auditor)

SB 18
   For:     McDonald, Jeanne H (Vinson and Elkins)

SB 19
   For:     McDonald, Jeanne H. (Vinson and Elkins)
            Torres, Gerard (Himself)

SB 141Committee Substitute (Chisum)
   For:     Barrow, Joyce J. (Tax Assessor Assoc.)
            Johnson, Miriam K. (Tax Assessor Assoc.)
            Oakley, Keith (Himself)
            Sampson, DeMetris (Dallas County)

SB 489
   For:     Corte, Frank (Himself)
            Mixon, Carl L. (Bexar Co. Comm. Court)

SB 1179
   For:     Shields, John (Himself)

SB 1233
   For:     Rohr, Dr. William B. (Collin County)

SB 1277
   For:     Bosse, Fred (Himself)