County Affairs Committee
March 12, 1997-8:00A  

HB 236
   For:     Solomons, Burt (Himself)
   Against: Lee, Donald (Conference of Urban Co.)
            Mendez, Mark (Tarrant Co. Comm. Court)
   On:      Pardue, Craig (Dallas County)

HB 373
   For:     Keel, Terry (Himself)

HB 501
   For:     Woolley, Beverly (Herself)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Horton, Susan (Texas Municipal League)

HB 964Committee Substitute (Chisum)
   For:     Kamel, Ted (Himself)
   On:      Templeton, Bobbie (TxDOT)

HB 1078 Committee Substitute (Denny)
   For:     Chisum, Warren (Himself)
            Rentz, Rebecca (Harris Co. Judge Eckels)
            Wessels, Bob (Harris Co. J of P)

HB 1238
   For:     Chisum, Warren (Himself)

HB 1341 Committee Substitute (Chisum)
   For:     Hodges, Tim (Denton Co. Clerk)
            Megason, MaryLene (Bowie Co. Clerk)
            Rivera, Joe G. (Cameron Co. Clerk)
   Against: Smajstrla, Robert (Co. Clerk-Tarrant Co.)
            Streater, Joy (Co.&Dist. Clerks Assn.)
            Tyson, Rita (Co.&Dist. Clerks Assoc.)
            Villalpando, Margie (Co.&Dist. Clerks Assn.)
            Wilson, Dianne (Co.&Dist. Clerks Assn.)
   On:      Allison, Jim (Co. Judges&Comm. Assn.)
            Pardue, Craig (Dallas Co.)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Stinson, Bill (Tx Assoc. of Realtors)
   Against: Bizzell, Elaine (Tx Co.&Dist.Clerks Assn)
            DeBeauvoir, Dana (Co. Clerk Legis. Cmte.)

HB 1651
   For:     Allison, Jim (Co. Judges&Comm. Assoc.)
            Siebert, Bill (Himself)
            Strieber, Richard (Bexar Co. Comm. Court)

HB 1878 Committee Substitute (Denny)
   For:     Chisum, Warren (Himself)