Corrections Committee
(Subcommittee on Adult and Youth Prison Capacity)
April 1, 1998-9:00A  

Adult and Youth Prison Capacity
   On:      Ballard, Veronica (TDCJ-PD)
            Bing, Robert (The Today Foundation)
            Briscoe, Judy (TYC)
            Capers, Lisa (TJPC)
            Cowley, Jack (InnerChange-JesterII)
            Fabelo, Tony (CJPC)
            Griffiths, Mike (Dallas Co.Juv.Prob.Dept)
            Holton, Ladd (Restorative Just. Min.)
            Robinson, Bill (Corrections Concepts)
            Rodriguez, Victor (Bd.of Pardons & Paroles)
            Scott, Wayne (TDCJ)
            Shanblum, Laurie (Parents Anonymous)
            White, Bonita (TDCJ-CJAD)
            Willett, Don (Governor's Policy Ofc.)