Corrections Committee
March 5, 1997-10:30A  

HB 156
   For:     Driver, Rep. Joe (himself)
   On:      Bozarth, Melinda (Tx.Dept. of Crim. Just.)
            Kazen, Raven (Tx.Dept. of Crim. Just.)

HB 438
   For:     Alvarado, Rep. Leo (himself)
   On:      Scott, Wayne (Tx.Dept. of Crim. Just.)
            Winters, Clint (TPR-Comptroller's ofc)

HB 507
   For:     Dutton, Rep. Harold (himself)
   On:      Reynolds, Carl (Tx.Board of Crim. Just.)
            Scott, Wayne (Tx.Dept. of Crim. Just.)

HB 1050
   For:     Gutierrez, Rep. Roberto (himself)
            Schneider, Christina (Tx.Coun.Family Violence)
   On:      Bozarth, Melinda (Tx.Dept. of Crim.Just.)
            Scott, Wayne (Tx.Dept. of Crim.Just.)

HB 1422
   For:     Hightower, Rep. Allen (himself)
            Simmons, Richard (AFSCME)
   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Anderson, Bill (Midland Sheriffs Assn.)
            Blakes, Roger (himself)
            Browning, BJ (Tx.Conf.Police& Sheriff)
            Louder, Deborah (AFSCME)
            Lueck, Billie (himself)
            Means, Jack (Tx.Conf.Police& Sheriff)
            Simpson, Dee (AFSCME)
            Tobias, Toby (AFSCME)