NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Jurisprudence

TIME & DATE:  9:00AM, Monday, April 14, 1997

PLACE: E1.012

CHAIR: Senator Rodney Ellis


To consider the following:

SB 239            West, Royce
Relating to judicial review of certain decisions about public
assistance benefits administered by the Texas Department of Human

SB 483            Nelson
Relating to the salary of an official court reporter.

SB 646            Brown
Relating to court reporting firms.

SB 647            Brown
Relating to contracting by court reporters.

SB 1174            Fraser
Relating to the terms of court of the 90th Judicial District.

SB 1253            Ellis
Relating to protective orders for family violence.

SB 1348            Brown
Relating to the transfer of a case to a statutory probate court.

SB 1376            Ellis
Relating to procedures for contract claims with the Texas
Department of Transportation.

SB 1443            Wentworth
Relating to arbitration of certain claims against the Texas
Department of Criminal Justice arising from the construction of
certain state correctional facilities.

SB 1478            Bivins
Relating to the issuance of a marriage license.

SB 1500            Ellis
Relating to civil jurisdiction and the awarding of attorney's fees
in justice and small claims courts.

SB 1525            Lucio
Relating to the appointment of a guardian ad litem in certain civil

SB 1639            Duncan
Relating to a lien for the processing or harvesting of cotton.

SB 1671            Patterson, Jerry
Relating to letters of protection provided by attorneys to health
care providers.

SB 1726            West, Royce
Relating to full faith and credit of valid foreign protective

SB 1803            Wentworth
Relating to subdivision descriptions in contracts to convey real

SB 1924            Nelson
Relating to the creation of municipal courts of record in Coppell.

HB 622            Thompson                 SP: Ellis
Relating to educational requirements for certain court clerks and

HB 1018            Yarbrough                SP: Wentworth
Relating to court costs imposed on persons convicted of certain

HB 1143            Patterson, L.P. "Pete"   SP: Ratliff
Relating to the creation of the County Court at Law of Lamar County.

HB 1492            Hochberg                 SP: Ellis
Relating to the powers of a judge.

HB 2664            Turner, Bob              SP: Wentworth
Relating to the liability of certain persons for injury to others
that occurs on agricultural land used for recreation.

Pending Business:

SB 165            Luna, Gregory
Relating to the imposition of interest on delinquent child support

SB 808            Ratliff / et al.
Relating to limiting the liability of certain persons involved in
an issuance of securities by a small business.

Subcommittee Business:

SB 999            Fraser
Relating to objections to the assignment of visiting judges.