NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Jurisprudence

TIME & DATE:  1:30PM, Monday, March 3, 1997

PLACE: E1.012

CHAIR: Senator Rodney Ellis


To consider the following:

SB 52            Shapiro
Relating to the validity of adoption orders.

SB 181            Shapiro
Relating to expediting certain suits to terminate parental rights
and the conservatorship of a child by the Department of Protective
and Regulatory Services.

SB 345            Harris
Relating to the requirement that the Department of Protective and
Regulatory Services perform investigations regarding children born
addicted to certain substances.

SB 349            Shapiro
Relating to guardians ad litem and child volunteer advocates in
certain suits affecting the parent-child relationship.

SB 389            Zaffirini
Relating to civil actions to recover fraudulent Medicaid claims.

SB 426            Harris
Relating to the revision of the Uniform Interstate Family Support
Act to comply with federal law.

SB 435            Harris
Relating to standard orders for the possession of a child.

SB 443            Moncrief
Relating to remedies for fraudulent referrals to mental health
facilities; providing a penalty.

SB 497            Harris
Relating to certain persons having custody of an adult disabled child.

SB 504            Harris
Relating to the adoption of the Uniform Transfer On Death Security
Registration Act.

SB 506            Harris
Relating to the administration of decedents' estates.

SB 551            Brown
Relating to the exemption of certain persons from jury service.

SB 607            Wentworth
Relating to the assignment of certain appellate judges and justices
as visiting judges.

SB 611            Carona
Relating to criminal law magistrates in Dallas County.

SB 669            Shapiro
Relating to incentives for adoptive parents of certain children.

SB 670            Shapiro
Relating to adoption incentives for licensed child-placing

SJR 19            Wentworth
Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the place at which
the supreme court sits to transact business.

Pending Business:

SB 424            Bivins / et al.
Relating to false public records; creating an offense.