NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Education

TIME & DATE: 10:00AM or on adjournment,
             Saturday, May 17, 1997

PLACE: Lt. Governor's Cmte Room

CHAIR: Senator Teel Bivins


A public hearing to consider the following:

HB 1043            Bailey                   SP: Lindsay
Relating to the issuance of bonds under the Higher Education
Authority Act.

HB 1606            Hartnett                 SP: Harris
Relating to truant conduct or conduct resulting in a failure to
attend school.

HB 2061            Van de Putte             SP: Patterson, Jerry
Relating to requiring certain individuals to file a statement of
selective service status before receiving certain financial

HB 2146            Maxey                    SP: Ellis
Relating to studying minority participation in public higher

HB 2491            Alexander                SP: Ratliff
Relating to participation by community colleges in the state
employee charitable contribution program.