NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Education

TIME & DATE:  9:00AM, Wednesday, April 16, 1997

PLACE: E1.012

CHAIR: Senator Teel Bivins


A public hearing to consider the following:

SB 776            Nixon, Drew
Relating to prohibiting the adoption of certain policies by the
board of trustees or superintendent of a school district.

SB 963            Shapiro
Relating to the testing of natural gas piping systems in school
district facilities.

SB 1034            Barrientos
Relating to funding instruction in languages other than English in
public schools.

SB 1040            Truan
Relating to programs of institutions of higher education that
address small business research and development.

SB 1185            Ellis
Relating to establishing a center for the study and prevention of
juvenile crime and delinquency at Prairie View A&M University.

SB 1221            Luna, Gregory
Relating to restricting written reports required from public school

SB 1379            Ellis
Relating to adult education programs.

SB 1414            Luna, Gregory
Relating to grants made by the commissioner of education to certain
school districts.

SB 1682            Ratliff
Relating to the composition of advisory committees appointed by the
State Board for Educator Certification.

SB 1683            Ratliff
Relating to disciplinary proceedings by the State Board for
Educator Certification.

SB 1822            Shapleigh
Relating to the planning and decision-making process of school

SCR 42            Truan
Encouraging business schools and business programs at Texas
colleges and universities to increase their course offerings to
include courses that focus on small and medium-sized businesses.

Pending Business:

SB 198            Zaffirini
Relating to programs for public school students with autism or
pervasive development disorder.

SB 1178            Gallegos
Relating to certification of a public school educator by the
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

SB 1189            Armbrister
Relating to the reporting of public school class size.

SB 1206            Bivins
Relating to creation of a public education scholarship pilot
program for children assigned to attend certain low-performing
public schools.

SB 1361            West, Royce
Relating to the establishment of pilot after-school programs.

SB 1907            Bivins
Relating to tuition and fees charged by public institutions of
higher education, including the redesignation of certain fees as