NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Intergovernmental Relations

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM, Wednesday, May 7, 1997

PLACE: Capitol Extension, E1.028

CHAIR: Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.


To consider the following:

HB 996            Hunter                   SP: Shapiro
Relating to the disposition of the records of an abolished local

HB 1138            Puente                   SP: Gallegos
Relating to the use of neighborhood associations in the enforcement
of certain municipal health and safety ordinances.

HB 1242            Maxey                    SP: Barrientos
Relating to participation in, benefits under, and administration of
retirement systems for police officers in certain  municipalities.

HB 1254            Jackson                  SP: Patterson, Jerry
Relating to the validation of all acts, governmental proceedings,
officials, bonds, and obligations of navigation districts and port

HB 2071            Gutierrez                SP: Lucio
Relating to qualifications to serve as a constable and to the
powers and duties of constables and deputy constables.

HB 2141            Keel, Terry              SP: Wentworth
Relating to the seizure and sale of certain property by certain

HB 2179            Lewis, Ron               SP: Galloway, Michael
Relating to competitive bidding in connection with certain
contracts made by counties.

HB 2696            Gallego                  SP: Madla
Relating to contracts executed by and the election of the board of
directors of the Val Verde County Hospital District.

HB 2832            Gallego                  SP: Madla
Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a county
hotel occupancy tax.

HB 2964            Sadler                   SP: Nixon, Drew
Relating to the administration of county roads in Panola County.

HB 3025            Brimer                   SP: Moncrief
Relating to parking fees imposed by a governmental authority.

HB 3043            Gallego                  SP: Madla
Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a hotel
occupancy tax.

HB 3134            Naishtat                 SP: Barrientos
Relating to contributions to retirement systems for firefighters in
certain municipalities.

HB 3170            Yarbrough                SP: Patterson, Jerry
Relating to a firefighters' relief and retirement fund in certain

HJR 83            Gutierrez                SP: Lucio
Proposing a constitutional amendment to allow the legislature to
prescribe the qualifications of constables.

SB 981            Gallegos
Relating to liability insurance for motor vehicles operated by law
enforcement officers of a political subdivision.

SB 982            Gallegos
Relating to fire fighters employed by certain port authorities.

Subcommittee Report:

SB 1434            Wentworth
Relating to the creation of a consolidated municipal-county
government in Bexar County.

SJR 40            Wentworth
Proposing a constitutional amendment to authorize the voters of
Bexar County and certain political subdivisions located, in whole
or in part, in Bexar County to create a consolidated city-county
government by adopting a charter restructuring and consolidating
political subdivisions.



SB 1434
SJR 40