NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: State Affairs

TIME & DATE:  1:00PM or upon adjournment.,
             Monday, April 7, 1997

PLACE: E2.010

CHAIR: Rep. Steven Wolens


HB 273            Davis
Relating to excepting certain personal information about the
identity of and personal information relating to participants in a
neighborhood crime watch organization from required public
disclosure under the open records law.

HB 497            Finnell
Relating to the use of frequent flyer bonuses awarded to certain
state officers and employees.

HB 569            Madden
Relating to false or erroneous information in state agency

HB 737            Kubiak
Relating to resale of certain electric power.

HB 828            Turner, Bob / et al.
Relating to legislative review and gubernatorial suspension of
certain rules of state agencies.

HB 943            Hilderbran
Relating to refunds.

HB 980            Junell
Relating to the operation and oversight of a regional planning
commission, council of government, or other similar regional
planning agency.

HB 1083            Maxey / et al.
Relating to the creation of the Human Resource Task Force and the
streamlining of the organizational structures of state agencies.

HB 1086            Davila
Relating to the offense of selling certain quantities of

HB 1087            Davila
Relating  to the delivery of free cigarettes or other tobacco
products in a public place; providing a criminal penalty.

HB 1319            Raymond
Relating to civil actions involving persons who file complaints
with governmental agencies.

HB 1355            Counts
Relating to selection by a governmental entity of a provider of
professional services.

HB 1448            Hunter
Relating to reporting of representation before state agencies by
state officers and employees.

HB 1449            Hunter
Relating to reporting concerning fundraising for governor for a day
and speaker's reunion day ceremonies.

HB 1579            Uher
Relating to the collection of the assessment for the
telecommunications infrastructure fund.

HB 1618            Hilbert
Relating to the disclosure of the rates for long distance calls
made from a pay phone.

HB 1659            Gallego
Relating to personal financial disclosure and standards of conduct
for district attorneys and criminal district attorneys.

HB 1834            Goolsby
Relating to the Texas Incentive and Productivity Commission.

HB 2019            Maxey
Relating to the state's purchasing of services for state agency

HB 2129            Carter
Relating to the administration and financing of wireless service
providers of 9-1-1 service.

HB 2418            Danburg
Relating to telecommunications utility access to certain municipal
public rights-of-way.

HB 2423            Hill
Relating to rates for switched access telecommunications services.

HB 2905            Wolens
Relating to the powers and duties of the Public Utility Commission
of Texas.

HB 2985            Hunter
Relating to the acceptance of gifts, grants, and donations by the
secretary of state.

HB 3167            Driver
Relating to change of a customer's telecommunications provider.

HB 3321            Carter
Relating to the provision of telecommunication service within
municipalities; prohibiting discrimination in the use of public
rights-of-way; establishing the requirements for use of public
right-of-way; and relating to permissible fees and charges for
engaging in business and using public rights-of-way and pole
attachments within municipalities.

SB 626            Sibley
Relating to selection by a governmental entity of a provider of
professional services.

SB 884            Harris
Relating to rules of statutory construction.