NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Land & Resource Management

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM or upon adj.,
             Monday, April 14, 1997

PLACE: Capitol Extension, E2.028

CHAIR: Rep. Fred M. Bosse

Meet to consider the following:

HB 1395            Turner, Bob
Relating to the review and approval of certain permits by the
state, a municipality, or other local government agencies.

HB 1510            Serna
Relating to jurisdiction of certain counties for purposes of
subdivision platting requirements.

HB 1522            Raymond
Relating to managing the use of state facilities and the need for
new facilities construction.

HB 1718            Serna
Relating to the authorization of the sale of undeveloped land by
certain persons and the purchase of facilitation of the purchase of
same by certain non-profit corporations without subdividing,
platting or making provision for water or other utility services.

HB 2332            Hinojosa
Relating to permitting the Board of Regents of The University of
Texas System to convey certain real property to a political
subdivision located in Hidalgo County.

HB 2339            Talton
Relating to the extension of restrictions imposing regular
assessments in certain residential real estate subdivisions.

HB 2347            Seaman
Relating to the regulation of mariculture facilities in Aransas

HB 2363            Hilbert
Relating to the provision of services in certain annexed areas.

HB 2366            Hilbert
Relating to comprehensive annexation planning by a municipality.

HB 2475            Seaman
Relating to the regulation of mariculture facilities in certain
coastal counties.

HB 2582            Hilderbran
Relating to the authority of certain municipal utility districts to
select the municipality in whose extraterritorial jurisdiction the
district is located and to validating and confirming certain acts
of municipal utility districts.

HB 2654            Keel, Terry
Relating to adding land to a defined area within a water control
and improvement district by petition of landowner.

HB 2979            Puente
Relating to the protection of the water supply of a municipality.

HB 3072            Hamric
Relating to the provision of certain services in newly annexed

HB 3073            Hamric
Relating to restrictions on a municipality's authority to annex
certain property.

HB 3240            Hilderbran
Relating to the disannexation of an area by a general-law

HB 3329            Talton
Relating to requirements for governmental entities that acquire
real property held in trust or sell real property to a trustee.

HB 3368            Junell
Relating to the acquisition of real property by the General
Services Commission as an alternative to leasing space.

HB 3372            Torres
Relating to changing the status of areas within municipal
boundaries for inclusion in industrial districts.

HB 3376            Hamric
Relating to the authority of a municipality to require a building
permit for construction and renovation work on county-owned
buildings and facilities by certain counties.

HB 3551            Zbranek
Relating to the definition of coastal wetlands for purposes of the
coastal management program administered by the Coastal Coordination

SB 693            Brown
Relating to standing to enforce restrictions pertaining to state