NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Elections

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM or upon adjournment,
             Tuesday, April 8, 1997

PLACE: E2.014

CHAIR: Rep. Debra Danburg

The committee will consider:

HB 1603            Ehrhardt / et al.
Relating to changing terminology involving gender in the Election
Code to gender-neutral terminology.

HB 1748            Place
Relating to requiring that the board of directors of certain
nonprofit corporations be elected at a statewide election.

HB 1918            Madden
Relating to the elimination of unnecessary county election

HB 2355            Maxey
Relating to the use of preferential voting in certain elections.

HB 2971            Madden
Relating to the meaning of a relationship involving marriage for
purposes of laws governing the conduct of an election.

HB 3385            Moreno
Relating to the disclosure of child support payment status by a
candidate for public elective office.

HB 2785            Denny
Relating to the composition of the teams counting regular paper
ballots in certain elections.

HB 841            Jackson / et al.
Relating to voting procedures for persons on a space flight.

HB 2712            Keffer
Relating to ballot access by third-party and independent

SB 82            Ellis / et al.
Relating to written communications used by voters in a polling

HB 936            Maxey / et al.
Relating to election dates and to certain election procedures.

HB 298            Madden
Relating to exceptions to the requirement to hold elections on a
uniform election date.

HB 2784            Denny
Relating to the filling of a vacancy in a nomination of a political