NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Elections
SUBCOMMITTEE: Subcommittee on HB 331 -Processes and Pr

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM, Thursday, March 20, 1997

PLACE: E2.016

CHAIR: Rep. Jesse Jones

The subcommittee will consider:

HB 1237            Junell
Relating to the number of election clerks in a primary election
whose service is payable with state funds.

HB 1350            Denny
Relating to eligibility requirements for clerks serving at a
central counting station.

HB 1351            Denny
Relating to filling a vacancy in the office of precinct chairman of
a political party.

HB 1400            Telford
Relating to the election of the office of precinct chair of a
political party.

HB 1652            Siebert / et al.
Relating to conducting and financing primary elections.

HB 1966            Madden
Relating to certain election procedures.