NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Economic Development

TIME & DATE:  3:00PM or upon adjournment,
             Tuesday, April 15, 1997

PLACE: E2.030

CHAIR: Rep. Rene Oliveira


HB 2545            Greenberg / et al.
Relating to creating a Texas community investment program to assist
certain businesses in distressed areas of the state.

HB 3259            Coleman
Relating to the implementation of a work training program for
recipients of public assistance.

HB 3083            Coleman
Relating to the Tax Increment Financing Act.

HB 898            Raymond / et al.
Relating to incentives for the location of a supermarket in an
enterprise zone.

SB 266            Ellis / et al.
Relating to the establishment of a program in the Texas Department
of Commerce to secure certain loans made to small and medium-sized
businesses and nonprofit organizations.

HCR 102            Palmer
Memorializing the United States Congress and president to overrule
the U.S. Department of Labor policy barring the local use of nonstate
employees in administering federal funds under House Bill 1863.

HCR 113            Palmer
Memorializing the U.S. Congress to repeal the Federal Unemployment
Tax Act (FUTA) and to transfer control of workforce development
programs to the states.

HB 1640            Raymond
Relating to adult education programs.

SB 893            Moncrief
Relating to certain convention center hotel facilities.