NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Criminal Jurisprudence

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM, Wednesday, April 16, 1997

PLACE: E1.014

CHAIR: Rep. Allen Place


SB 185            Shapiro
Relating to the prosecution of certain sexual assaults committed
against children.

HB 369            Kubiak
Relating to the penalties for certain offenses involving activities
as an athlete agent.

HB 789            Gallego
Relating to the imposition of a fee on certain criminal defendants to fund
improvements in court technology and judicial administration.

HB 837            West, George "Buddy"
Relating to the disposition of stolen property pending the trial of
an offense involving the theft of the property.

HB 1323            Luna, Vilma
Relating to a fee collected by a prosecutor for collecting and
processing a dishonored or forged check or similar sight order.

HB 1519            Moreno
Relating to requiring certain local law enforcement agencies to
account for seized or confiscated money.

HB 1655            Gallego
Relating to procedures for determining whether a defendant
sentenced to death is incompetent for purposes of execution.

HB 1896            Staples
Relating to the penalty for desecration of a cemetery.

HB 2026            Pickett
Relating to the prosecution of organized criminal activity.

HB 2027            Pickett
Relating to the standard applied to review on appeal of a verdict
in a criminal proceeding.

HB 2110            Gallego
Relating to enhancing the punishment for the offense of theft under
certain circumstances involving a government contractor.

HB 2199            Wise
Relating to the prosecution and punishment of certain obscenity
offenses and other offenses committed to further the commission of
obscenity offenses.

HB 2233            Williams
Relating to the time limits in which a felony indictment may be
presented for certain felonies.

HB 2257            Luna, Vilma / et al.
Relating to the audit required for forfeited property and proceeds
received by a law enforcement agency or an attorney representing
the state.

HB 2298            Gallego
Relating to costs of court imposed on persons convicted of certain

HB 2457            Smithee
Relating to the prosecution and punishment of insurance fraud and
engaging in organized criminal activity for which the underlying
offense is insurance fraud.

HB 2496            Wise
Relating to the prosecution of, the punishment for, and venue in
the prosecution of the offenses of interference with child custody,
agreement to abduct from custody, and enticing a child.

HB 2502            Elkins
Relating to the venue for prosecution of the offense of failing or
refusing to pay the toll imposed for the operation of a motor
vehicle on a toll project of certain counties.

HB 2845            Berlanga
Relating to the authority to re-open an inquest.

HB 3225            Jones, Delwin / et al.
Relating to offenses under the Penal Code commonly associated with
criminal street gang activity, to law enforcement provisions for
investigating those offenses, and to other substantive changes and
technical corrections in the Penal Code.

HB 3373            Yarbrough
Relating to the unlawful interception, use, or disclosure of
certain wire, oral, or electronic communications.

HB 3483            Holzheauser
Relating to the offense of interfering with child custody.