Tuesday, June 16, 1998 
                                     9:00 am 
                         J. Erik Jonnson Public Library 
                                  Dallas Texas 
         Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule  
         11.11, a public hearing of the Senate Committee on Natural  
         Resources (Interim) was held on Tuesday, June 16, 1998 at  the  
         J. Erik Jonnson Public Library, in Dallas, Texas.   
         MEMBERS PRESENT:                        MEMBERS ABSENT: 
         Senator J.E. Brown                      Senator Tom Haywood 
         Senator Teel Bivins                     Senator Jon Lindsay 
         Senator Carlos F. Truan                 Senator Eddie Lucio,  
                                                 Senator Steve Ogden 
         The Chair called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.  The  
         following business was transacted.   
         Senator Truan moved that the Minutes from the previous meeting  
         be approved.  There being no objection, it was so ordered. 
         Chairman Brown made opening remarks, followed by opening  
         remarks from Senator Truan. 
         The following peopled registered to testify on HB 3019: 
              Jeff Saitas              Deputy Director (office of Air  
         Quality), TNRCC 
              Wade Stansell            Texas Utilities 
              Toiya Monique Homore'    American Lung Assn. 
              Judy Richards            City of Duncanville 
              Sue Pope            Downwinders at Risk 
              Johs Schonborn      ALA 
              Marcie Schonborn         Self 
              Pete Altman              SEED 
              Luio Sepvlvada      West Dallas Coalition 
              Rita Beuing              Sierra Club 
              Ken Kramer               Sierra Club 
              Elizabeth Uebelacker          Clean Water Action 
              Dan Pearson              TNRCC 
              Kinnan Golemon      Brown, McCarroll 
              Molly Seay               Self 
              Ester McElfish      Self 
              Asha McElfish       Self 
         The following people registered to testify on the siting of  
         solid waste facilities: 
              Barry McBee              Chairman, TNRCC 
              Shirley Holland          LWV-Texas 
              Jimmy Sylvia             Chambers County 
              Fred Haise               Informed Citizens United 
              Gary Graybeal       Chambers County 
              Bob Gregory              National Solid Wastes Manager  
                                       (Texas Chapter) 
              Mary Miksa               TABCC 
              Carey Boethel            TX Assoc. of Counties 
              John Promise             TX Assoc. of Regional Councils 
              Monte Akers              TML 
              Charles Rivette          BFI 
              Neil Mohr           Waste Mgmt. of Texas 
              Pam Giblin               USA Waste 
              Cathy Sisk               Harris County 
              Joe Vogel           TNRCC 
         There being no further business, the Chair recessed the  
         meeting at 2:00 p.m. 
         Senator J. E. "Buster" Brown, Chair 
         Carol K. McGarah, Clerk