RELATIONS, TRADE & TECHNOLOGY
                          Wednesday, February 26, 1997
                                     1:00 pm
                         Capitol Extension, Room E1.016
                                 Public Hearing
        Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule 11.11, 
        a public hearing of the Senate Committee on International 
        Relations, Trade & Technology was held on Wednesday, February 26, 
        1997 in the Capitol Extension, Room E1.016, at Austin, Texas.  
        MEMBERS PRESENT:                         MEMBERS ABSENT:
             Senator Carlos Truan                     Senator Teel Bivins
             Senator John Carona                      Senator Bill Ratliff
             Senator Kenneth Armbrister
             Senator Jon Lindsay
             Senator Steve Ogden
             Senator Eliot Shapleigh
             Senator David Sibley
        Chairman Truan called the public meeting to order at 1:16 p.m. 
        There being a quorum present, the following business was 
        The Chair made opening remarks, and requested approval of the 
        minutes from February 12, 1997 and February 19, 1997.  Senator 
        Carona moved adoption of the February 12, 1997 minutes; there 
        being no objection, it was so ordered.  Senator Shapleigh moved 
        adoption of the February 19, 1997 minutes; there being no 
        objection, it was so ordered.
        Senator Shapleigh also made introductory remarks acknowledging the 
        labor problems along the border caused by NAFTA.  Ms. Ann White, 
        with Senate Media, was present to translate testimony as needed.
        Chairman Truan recognized Ms. Consuelo Maheshwari, representing 
        Valley Interfaith, who testified on the subject of Interfaith 
        Alliance Schools.  Ms. Maheshwari provided the Committee with 
        written testimony.  A discussion followed.  Ms. Kathleen Burke, 
        representing the Texas Education Agency, registered but did not 
        testify on the subject of Valley Interfaith Alliance Schools.
        Chairman Truan recognized Ms. Cynthia Arnold, Development 
        Coordinator for La Mujer Obrera, to testify on the subject of 
        NAFTA's effect on border employment.  Ms. Arnold provided written 
        testimony to the Committee.  A discussion followed.  Chairman

        Truan recognized the presence of Representative Norma Chavez from 
        El Paso in attendance at the hearing today.  Ms. Angie Briones-
        Sosa, also with La Mujer Obrera, testified on NAFTA's effect on 
        border employment and the specific problems currently experienced 
        in El Paso.  A discussion followed.  Ms. Maria Fernandez, of La 
        Mujer Obrera, provided written testimony, but did not testify.
        Chairman Truan recognized Ms. Linda Williamson, Deputy Director of 
        Customer Services with the Texas Workforce Commission to respond 
        to the concerns stated by La Mujer Obrera.  A discussion followed. 
        The Chair then recognized Ms. Mimi Purnell, Special Project 
        Coordinator and Acting Director of the Dislocated Workers' Unit 
        with the Texas Workforce Commission, to further respond to 
        testimony from La Mujer Obrera and to answer questions from 
        Committee members.  A discussion followed.  Chairman Truan 
        acknowledged El Paso Representative Paul Moreno's presence at the 
        Committee hearing.  Senator Shapleigh then requested that the 
        Texas Workforce Commission report back to the Legislature on the 
        status of the NAFTA job-training problem, and efforts to put job-
        training at the front end of the training period and what the 
        Committee can expect in terms of tangible results.  Senator 
        Shapleigh also requested the Workforce Commission report back to 
        the Committee on the busing of Texas workers to other states.  The 
        Chair recognized Mr. Harry Crawford, Director of the NAFTA 
        Training Adjustment Assistance Program at the Texas Workforce 
        Commission, to testify on the Workforce Commission's most recent 
        efforts to address the needs of displaced workers across the 
        State, and in El Paso in particular.  Representative Paul Moreno 
        commented on the lack of knowledge of the NAFTA's impact on border 
        employment at the time it was passed by Congress.
        Chairman Truan next recognized Mr. Walter Hinojosa, Legislative 
        Director of AFL-CIO, to comment on NAFTA's negative impact on 
        border labor issues and workers.  Mr. Rick Glasebrook, President 
        of the Teamsters Local 657, testified in the Teamsters' position 
        against expansion of Mexican truckers' area as a threat to Texas 
        jobs.  Chairman Truan then recognized Rick Levy, Legal Director 
        for AFL-CIO, to testify on displaced workers in the border region 
        and across Texas, and the lack of rapid response by the Texas 
        Worforce Commission.  A discussion followed.
        There being no further business, at 3:40 pm Senator Truan moved 
        that the Committee stand recessed subject to the call of the 
        Chair.  Without objection, it was so ordered.  
        Senator Carlos Truan, Chair