1-1           WHEREAS, Texans, and indeed all Americans, join in mourning

 1-2     the untimely passing of Pam Lychner on July 17, 1996, at the age of

 1-3     37, for her remarkable courage and spirit touched the lives of all

 1-4     who had the privilege of knowing her; and

 1-5           WHEREAS, Born Pamela Sue Rogers in Aurora, Illinois, she

 1-6     nurtured close relationships with her two sisters, and together

 1-7     they marked the many happy triumphs and minor mishaps of a typical

 1-8     small-town childhood; her first experience with the darker elements

 1-9     of society occurred at the tender age of 16, when she was robbed

1-10     while working as a grocery store checker, but this experience only

1-11     served to strengthen the young woman's empathy and concern for

1-12     those around her; and

1-13           WHEREAS, During the difficult days of the Vietnam War,

1-14     Ms. Lychner expressed this compassion by wearing a POW-MIA bracelet

1-15     in silent tribute to an American serviceman; she never forgot the

1-16     name inscribed on the bracelet, and long after the war had ended,

1-17     she continued to keep the bracelet's documentation, for she was

1-18     determined to keep her promise of honoring the memory of a soldier

1-19     she had never met; and

1-20           WHEREAS, In 1984, while working as a flight attendant for

1-21     Trans World Airlines, she married Joe Lychner, and they were

1-22     blessed with two beautiful daughters, Shannon Evian and Katherine

1-23     Elizabeth; Ms. Lychner was a caring and devoted mother to the

1-24     girls, and in furthering her own education at the local community

 2-1     college, she instilled in them a love of learning that immeasurably

 2-2     brightened their young lives; and

 2-3           WHEREAS, Her idyllic life was marred when, in 1990, she

 2-4     became the victim of a violent assault, and once again, she

 2-5     struggled to rise above the emotional fallout of crime; as

 2-6     Ms. Lychner recovered from her trauma, she became painfully aware

 2-7     of flaws in the criminal justice system, and she gathered her

 2-8     formidable will to set about righting those wrongs; victimized

 2-9     twice in her life by individuals, she refused to be victimized by

2-10     the system that was supposed to protect her, and her unwillingness

2-11     to yield to an indifferent bureaucracy laid the foundation for

2-12     Justice For All, a criminal justice reform organization; and

2-13           WHEREAS, Under Ms. Lychner's committed leadership, Justice

2-14     For All grew to a national organization with more than 3,000

2-15     members, and together they worked successfully to reform the

2-16     appeals process, reduce automatic probation, and eliminate

2-17     mandatory release, thus ensuring that criminals would serve longer

2-18     sentences and face stricter review before returning to society; a

2-19     knowledgeable and compelling spokesperson, Ms. Lychner was

2-20     frequently called on by the national media to articulate the

2-21     perspective of crime victims, and her genuine concern for the

2-22     people she represented enabled her to become an effective advocate

2-23     for meaningful change; and

2-24           WHEREAS, Her determination to restore the integrity of our

2-25     country's criminal justice system struck a chord in the hearts of

2-26     people throughout the nation, people for whom stories of crime and

2-27     violence had become all too familiar, and their admiration of her

 3-1     turned to shock and grief when they learned that she and her

 3-2     daughters, Shannon and Katy, were among the victims of one of our

 3-3     nation's most incomprehensible tragedies; and

 3-4           WHEREAS, Pam Lychner was forever guided by the principle that

 3-5     one person can have a profound impact on the world around her, and

 3-6     her life is a testament to that simple creed; she was taken from

 3-7     this world all too soon, but her unique spirit will live on in the

 3-8     hearts of all the people whose lives she touched, and the people of

 3-9     Texas stand pledged to keeping her memory and her work alive; now,

3-10     therefore, be it

3-11           RESOLVED, That the 75th Legislature of the State of Texas

3-12     hereby honor the life of Pamela Sue Rogers Lychner and extend

3-13     deepest sympathy to the members of her family: to her beloved

3-14     husband, Joe Lychner; to her parents, Wayne and Betty Rogers; to

3-15     her sisters, Lori Musselman and Jan Brenkus; and to all the

3-16     relatives, colleagues, and many friends of this exceptional woman;

3-17     and, be it further

3-18           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be

3-19     prepared for the members of her family and that when the Texas

3-20     House of Representatives and Senate adjourn this day, they do so in

3-21     memory of Pam Lychner.






         Laney                   Gutierrez                Oliveira

         Alexander               Haggerty                 Olivo

         Allen                   Hamric                   Palmer

         Alvarado                Hartnett                 Patterson

         Averitt                 Hawley                   Pickett

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         Brimer                  Hilderbran               Rabuck

         Burnam                  Hill                     Ramsay

         Carter                  Hinojosa                 Rangel

         Chavez                  Hirschi                  Raymond

         Chisum                  Hochberg                 Reyna of Bexar

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         Dutton                  Kuempel                  Thompson

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         Eiland                  Longoria                 Turner of Coleman

         Elkins                  Luna                     Turner of Harris

         Farrar                  McCall                   Uher

         Finnell                 McClendon                Van de Putte

         Flores                  McReynolds               Walker

         Gallego                 Madden                   West

         Galloway                Marchant                 Williams

         Garcia                  Maxey                    Williamson

         Giddings                Merritt                  Wilson

         Glaze                   Moffat                   Wise

         Goodman                 Moreno                   Wohlgemuth

         Goolsby                 Mowery                   Wolens

         Gray                    Naishtat                 Woolley

         Greenberg               Nixon                    Yarbrough

         Grusendorf              Oakley                   Zbranek

         _______________________________     _______________________________

             President of the Senate              Speaker of the House

               I certify that H.C.R. No. 81 was unanimously adopted by a

         rising vote of the House on February 19, 1997.


                                                 Chief Clerk of the House

               I certify that H.C.R. No. 81 was unanimously adopted by a

         rising vote of the Senate on February 19, 1997.


                                                 Secretary of the Senate

         APPROVED:  _______________________