By Rangel                                        H.B. No. 588

      75R1594 CAG-D                           

                                A BILL TO BE ENTITLED

 1-1                                   AN ACT

 1-2     relating to uniform admission and reporting procedures for

 1-3     institutions of higher education.


 1-5           SECTION 1.  Chapter 51, Education Code, is amended by adding

 1-6     Subchapter S to read as follows:


 1-8           Sec. 51.801.  DEFINITIONS.  In this subchapter, "general

 1-9     academic teaching institution" and "medical and dental unit" have

1-10     the meanings assigned by Section 61.003.

1-11           Sec. 51.802.  UNIFORM ADMISSION SYSTEM.  A general academic

1-12     teaching institution shall admit students for each semester under

1-13     the provisions of this subchapter.

1-14           Sec. 51.803.  AUTOMATIC ADMISSION.  (a)  Each general

1-15     academic teaching institution shall admit an applicant for

1-16     admission to the institution as an undergraduate student if the

1-17     student is a qualified high school student from a public high

1-18     school in this state who graduated with a grade point average in

1-19     the top 10 percent of the student's high school graduating class.

1-20           (b)  If the number of graduating students seeking admission

1-21     to a general academic teaching institution exceeds the available

1-22     number of spaces offered for enrollment for any semester:

1-23                 (1)  the institution shall conduct a lottery to award

1-24     the spaces; and

 2-1                 (2)  an eligible student not selected for admission may

 2-2     delay the student's admission to the institution until space is

 2-3     available.

 2-4           Sec. 51.804.  OTHER ADMISSIONS.  (a)  A graduating student

 2-5     who does not qualify for admission under Section 51.803 may apply

 2-6     to any general academic teaching institution.

 2-7           (b)  The general academic teaching institution, after

 2-8     admitting students under Section 51.803, may admit other applicants

 2-9     for admission as undergraduate students.  An applicant may be

2-10     admitted only after the institution reviews all timely

2-11     applications for undergraduate admission and considers the

2-12     following factors:

2-13                 (1)  the income of the applicant or applicant's family;

2-14                 (2)  whether other members of the applicant's family

2-15     have attended a college or university;

2-16                 (3)  whether other members of the applicant's family

2-17     have graduated from high school;

2-18                 (4)  whether the applicant worked while attending high

2-19     school;

2-20                 (5)  whether the applicant is fluent in more than one

2-21     language;

2-22                 (6)  whether the applicant attended any school while

2-23     the school was under a court-ordered desegregation plan;

2-24                 (7)  the applicant's involvement in community

2-25     activities;

2-26                 (8)  the applicant's extracurricular activities;

2-27                 (9)  the applicant's commitment to a particular field

 3-1     of study;

 3-2                 (10)  the applicant's academic record; and

 3-3                 (11)  the applicant's performance on standardized

 3-4     college entrance exams.

 3-5           (c)  Each general academic teaching institution shall

 3-6     publish, not later than one year before the date that applications

 3-7     for admission are first considered under this section, a

 3-8     description of the weight given to each factor and the role each

 3-9     factor plays in the admission decision of the institution.

3-10           Sec. 51.805.  REPORT TO COORDINATING BOARD.  Each general

3-11     academic teaching institution shall provide a report annually to

3-12     the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board describing the

3-13     composition of the entering class of students admitted under this

3-14     subchapter.  The report shall include a demographic breakdown of

3-15     the students by the factors described in Section 51.804, and by

3-16     race, ethnicity, and economic status.

3-17           Sec. 51.806.  RULEMAKING.  The Texas Higher Education

3-18     Coordinating Board may adopt rules relating to the operation of

3-19     admissions programs under this subchapter, including rules relating

3-20     to the identification of eligible students, the format of

3-21     admissions applications, and the manner of notifying students of

3-22     admission determinations.


3-24     SCHOLARSHIP AND PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS.  (a)  Each general academic

3-25     teaching institution or medical and dental unit that offers a

3-26     scholarship program or admission to a graduate or post-graduate

3-27     program shall also adopt a written award or admission policy.

 4-1           (b)  The policy shall:

 4-2                 (1)  establish standards for automatic admission to the

 4-3     institution or unit or the awarding of a scholarship; and

 4-4                 (2)  describe factors and the weight assigned to the

 4-5     factors considered by the institution or unit in awarding a

 4-6     scholarship or granting admission to a program operated by the

 4-7     institution or unit.

 4-8           (c)  The institution or unit shall publish, not later than

 4-9     one year before the date that applications for admission or the

4-10     award of a scholarship are first considered under this section, a

4-11     description of the automatic admissions standards and weight given

4-12     to each factor and the role each factor plays in the admission

4-13     decision of the institution or unit.

4-14           SECTION 2.  (a)  The change in law made by this Act applies

4-15     beginning with admissions and scholarships for the fall term or

4-16     semester in 1998.

4-17           (b)  The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, each

4-18     general academic teaching institution, and each medical and dental

4-19     unit shall adopt rules or policies relating to the admission of

4-20     students under Subchapter S, Chapter 51, Education Code, as added

4-21     by this Act, not later than January 1, 1998.

4-22           SECTION 3.  The importance of this legislation and the

4-23     crowded condition of the calendars in both houses create an

4-24     emergency and an imperative public necessity that the

4-25     constitutional rule requiring bills to be read on three several

4-26     days in each house be suspended, and this rule is hereby suspended.