S.R. No. 134
    1-1                           SENATE RESOLUTION
    1-2        WHEREAS, Dolph Briscoe, Jr., has nobly served the
    1-3  State of Texas as a successful businessman, rancher, statesman,
    1-4  and civic leader without parallel for more than half a century,
    1-5  preserving a strong family heritage and devoting his life to
    1-6  service of his fellowman in the state and nation; and
    1-7        WHEREAS, In public life, he has been an exemplary model
    1-8  as a state representative and as Governor of the State of Texas
    1-9  for two terms during which he served with honor and distinction;
   1-10  and
   1-11        WHEREAS, Dolph Briscoe commands the respect and admiration
   1-12  of citizens throughout the state for his honesty and high moral
   1-13  character and for the indelible mark he has left on agriculture
   1-14  and the citizens of Texas; and
   1-15        WHEREAS, He has been a leader in the Texas and national
   1-16  livestock industry, serving as President of the Texas and
   1-17  Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association and the Texas Sheep
   1-18  and Goat Raisers Association and in numerous offices for the
   1-19  well-being of farmers and ranchers; and
   1-20        WHEREAS, His leadership was a major factor in the
   1-21  eradication of the screwworm, which is considered by many as
   1-22  the most significant development in the history of southern
   1-23  livestock production; and
    2-1        WHEREAS, His concern for fellow citizens in rural
    2-2  areas prompted his successful efforts to vastly improve the
    2-3  farm-to-market road system of Texas through appropriate
    2-4  legislation; and
    2-5        WHEREAS, Selected as 1994 recipient of the Texas A&M
    2-6  Distinguished Texan in Agriculture Award, Dolph Briscoe has
    2-7  provided an enviable role model for young men and women throughout
    2-8  the state, and he has served unselfishly with time and effort to
    2-9  improve the opportunities for young men and women, most notably
   2-10  in his recent chairmanship of the Texas Agricultural Lifetime
   2-11  Leadership Advisory Board; and
   2-12        WHEREAS, As a preeminent leader, his faultless integrity,
   2-13  boundless optimism, and unique gift for instilling high values in
   2-14  people from all walks of life have enriched the Texas scene in
   2-15  countless ways; now, therefore, be it
   2-16        RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
   2-17  74th Legislature, hereby salute Dolph Briscoe, Jr., for his
   2-18  lifetime example of devotion and leadership; and, be it further
   2-19        RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for
   2-20  Dolph Briscoe as an expression of highest esteem from the
   2-21  Texas Senate.
   2-22                                                 Madla
   2-23        Armbrister           Henderson           Rosson
   2-24        Barrientos           Leedom              Shapiro
   2-25        Bivins               Lucio               Sibley
    3-1        Brown                Luna                Sims
    3-2        Cain                 Moncrief            Truan
    3-3        Ellis                Montford            Turner
    3-4        Gallegos             Nelson              Wentworth
    3-5        Galloway             Nixon               West
    3-6        Harris               Patterson           Whitmire
    3-7        Haywood              Ratliff             Zaffirini
    3-8                   Bullock, President of the Senate
    3-9                               ______________________________________
   3-10                                       President of the Senate
   3-11                                    I hereby certify that the above
   3-12                               Resolution was adopted by the Senate
   3-13                               on February 1, 1995.
   3-14                               ______________________________________
   3-15                                       Secretary of the Senate
   3-16                               ______________________________________
   3-17                                        Member, Texas Senate