S.C.R. No. 83
                             SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
    1-1        WHEREAS, The Legislature of the State of Texas is pleased and
    1-2  proud to recognize the Honorable Preston Smith, former Governor of
    1-3  the State of Texas, on the joyous occasion of his 83rd birthday;
    1-4  and
    1-5        WHEREAS, Born March 8, 1912, on a tenant farm in Williamson
    1-6  County, he began his education at a one-room Mount Prospect school;
    1-7  young Preston's family moved to a Dawson County farm in 1923;
    1-8  determined to get an education, he worked his way through Lamesa
    1-9  High School in a variety of jobs; and
   1-10        WHEREAS, Dedicated and hardworking, he earned the money to
   1-11  pay his expenses for Texas Tech University by picking cotton,
   1-12  operating a service station, cleaning windows, and running student
   1-13  rooming houses; and
   1-14        WHEREAS, Preston Smith met his bride-to-be, Ima Smith of
   1-15  Ralls, in economics class, where the students were seated in
   1-16  alphabetical order; they were married on June 20, 1935; a true
   1-17  helpmate, Ima created a warm and loving home for her husband and
   1-18  their two children, Mickey and Jan; and
   1-19        WHEREAS, Innovative and industrious, he entered the theater
   1-20  business with a friend in 1936 and by 1944, the self-made man owned
   1-21  several theaters; and
   1-22        WHEREAS, Devoted to public service and armed with a desire to
   1-23  give back to the community that had nurtured him, Preston Smith
    2-1  served in the 49th, 50th, and 51st legislatures as the
    2-2  representative from Lubbock; he was also becoming very active in
    2-3  real estate and ranching; and
    2-4        WHEREAS, In 1956, Preston Smith was elected to the Texas
    2-5  Senate, where he ably represented West Texas; he continued to
    2-6  represent that area throughout the 55th, 56th, and 57th
    2-7  legislatures; and
    2-8        WHEREAS, During the 1962 elections, he defeated his opponent
    2-9  in a runoff and became lieutenant governor; he served brilliantly
   2-10  as lieutenant governor during the 58th, 59th, and 60th
   2-11  legislatures; and
   2-12        WHEREAS, A renowned and highly respected public figure, he
   2-13  was the first lieutenant governor since before the Civil War to
   2-14  move directly to the office of governor; and
   2-15        WHEREAS, In 1968, he captured the office of governor; he was
   2-16  so popular in this office that in 1970, he became the first Texan
   2-17  in history to run for governor without an opponent at the
   2-18  Democratic Nominating Convention; and
   2-19        WHEREAS, Governor Smith served his state with an
   2-20  indefatigable zest for public service, emulating his heroes, Lyndon
   2-21  B. Johnson and Allan Shivers; and
   2-22        WHEREAS, After he left the office of governor and a
   2-23  superlative career of 22 years of public service, he did not shirk
   2-24  from further civic responsibility; in 1981, he was appointed to the
   2-25  Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System, so he
    3-1  could further serve the citizens of Texas and stress his dedication
    3-2  to educational excellence; and
    3-3        WHEREAS, In a fitting tribute to their commitment to
    3-4  education, Ima and Preston Smith have been honored as Distinguished
    3-5  Alumni of Texas Tech University; and
    3-6        WHEREAS, A man of integrity and compassion, he is beloved by
    3-7  his family, friends, business colleagues, and state; his deep love
    3-8  of Texas and his fellow citizens has immeasurably benefitted the
    3-9  Lone Star State; now, therefore, be it
   3-10        RESOLVED, That the 74th Legislature of the State of Texas
   3-11  hereby extend heartiest congratulations to the Honorable Preston
   3-12  Smith on his 83rd birthday and offer best wishes to him for many
   3-13  more birthdays to come; and, be it further
   3-14        RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be prepared for him
   3-15  as an expression of the highest regard of the Texas Legislature.