H.R. No. 1010
                                  R E S O L U T I O N
    1-1        WHEREAS, May 24, 1995, marks the birthday of our esteemed
    1-2  colleague, the Honorable Gerard Torres, and it gives the members of
    1-3  this chamber great pleasure to acknowledge him for his achievements
    1-4  on his special day; and
    1-5        WHEREAS, A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin,
    1-6  Mr. Torres was interested in politics from an early age and began
    1-7  his governmental career while still in college, employed as a
    1-8  sergeant for the Texas House of Representatives; and
    1-9        WHEREAS, This initial exposure to the workings of state
   1-10  government continued to fuel his interest in local, county, and
   1-11  state affairs and prompted Mr. Torres to accept positions of
   1-12  employment in the offices of such notable public servants as former
   1-13  State Representative Roman Martinez, the late Congressman Mickey
   1-14  Leland, Councilman Ben Reyes, Senator Mario Gallegos, and Harris
   1-15  County Commissioner Jim Fonteno; and
   1-16        WHEREAS, Having received a solid grounding in political
   1-17  affairs through his extensive experience, Mr. Torres decided to run
   1-18  for elective office himself and is currently serving his first term
   1-19  as a state representative; and
   1-20        WHEREAS, Throughout the 74th Legislative Session, this
   1-21  respected gentleman has served the constituents of District 143
   1-22  with the utmost integrity and has distinguished himself through his
   1-23  contributions as a member of the house committees on energy
   1-24  resources, licensing & administrative procedures, and rules &
    2-1  resolutions; and
    2-2        WHEREAS, Outside the legislature, Mr. Torres has worked
    2-3  diligently on many worthy projects of import to the community
    2-4  through his leadership in the Knights of Columbus, the East End
    2-5  Chamber of Commerce, the Galena Park Chamber of Commerce, the
    2-6  Houston Higher Education Finance Corporation, and a number of other
    2-7  respected civic organizations; and
    2-8        WHEREAS, This native Texan plays an active role in making
    2-9  this state a better place in which to live, work, and raise a
   2-10  family, and the occasion of his birthday provides a fitting
   2-11  opportunity to honor him; now, therefore, be it
   2-12        RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 74th Texas
   2-13  Legislature hereby congratulate the Honorable Gerard Torres on the
   2-14  memorable occasion of his birthday and wish him many more years of
   2-15  success and fulfillment; and, be it further
   2-16        RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
   2-17  prepared for Mr. Torres as an expression of highest regard by his
   2-18  colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives.