H.R. No. 774
                                  R E S O L U T I O N
    1-1        WHEREAS, The Honorable Vidal M. Trevino, the superintendent
    1-2  of the Laredo Independent School District and a former member of
    1-3  the Texas House of Representatives, will retire this year after 45
    1-4  years of exceptional service to the citizens of Laredo as an
    1-5  educator, role model, and community leader; and
    1-6        WHEREAS, A graduate of Martin High School in Laredo, this
    1-7  exceptional Texan attended Texas A&I University in Kingsville,
    1-8  where he earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees; following
    1-9  World War II, he served his country with honor and distinction as a
   1-10  member of the United States Army, infantry division; and
   1-11        WHEREAS, Mr. Trevino embarked on his remarkable career with
   1-12  the Laredo Independent School District in 1950, when he became a
   1-13  classroom teacher, and seven years later he was promoted to the
   1-14  post of vice principal; in later years he served the district as a
   1-15  principal, assistant superintendent for instruction, assistant
   1-16  superintendent and coordinator of federal projects, and assistant
   1-17  superintendent for administration before being named the district's
   1-18  superintendent in 1973; and
   1-19        WHEREAS, Mr. Trevino has won countless accolades for his
   1-20  exemplary work in the fields of education and educational
   1-21  administration, including an award for outstanding leadership from
   1-22  the Texas Association of Schools; a past chairman of the Texas
   1-23  Textbook Committee and the Texas school accreditation committee,
   1-24  this remarkable individual also has lent his experience and
    2-1  expertise to the White House Children's Conference and the Texas
    2-2  Higher Education Master Plan Advisory Committee; and
    2-3        WHEREAS, An esteemed member of the Texas House of
    2-4  Representatives during the 57th Legislature, Mr. Trevino served the
    2-5  constituents of District 80, comprising Webb and Zapata counties,
    2-6  with courage, integrity, and commitment, and his efforts on behalf
    2-7  of public education in the Lone Star State have won him the lasting
    2-8  respect of his colleagues; and
    2-9        WHEREAS, In addition to his fine record as an educator,
   2-10  administrator, and public servant, Mr. Trevino has worked closely
   2-11  with many local civic and charitable organizations in Laredo
   2-12  through the years, including the United Fund, the Rotary Club, the
   2-13  Laredo Chamber of Commerce, the American Heart Association, and
   2-14  Catholic Charities; he also has garnered awards from the City of
   2-15  Laredo, the City of El Paso, the Orphan Bucket Brigade, the "Laredo
   2-16  Times" newspaper, the Laredo-Webb County Health Department, and the
   2-17  American Heart Association for his exceptional efforts in behalf of
   2-18  others; and
   2-19        WHEREAS, A devoted member of the community of faith at
   2-20  Blessed Sacrament Church, Mr. Trevino is above all else a dedicated
   2-21  family man who enjoys a richly rewarding marriage with his wife,
   2-22  Lucila, a teacher at Ryan Elementary School; he also takes immense
   2-23  pride in their five children, David, Nelda, Christina, Daniel, and
   2-24  Roberto; and
   2-25        WHEREAS, Mr. Trevino's kindness and wisdom will be greatly
   2-26  missed by the students, faculty, and parents of the Laredo
   2-27  Independent School District, and it is indeed appropriate at this
    3-1  time that he be honored for the many extraordinary contributions he
    3-2  has made to his profession, community, state, and nation over the
    3-3  course of his long and illustrious career; now, therefore, be it
    3-4        RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 74th Texas
    3-5  Legislature hereby commend the Honorable Vidal M. Trevino on the
    3-6  occasion of his retirement as superintendent of the Laredo
    3-7  Independent School District and extend to him warmest best wishes
    3-8  for continued happiness and success in the years to come; and, be
    3-9  it further
   3-10        RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
   3-11  prepared for Mr. Trevino as an expression of high regard by the
   3-12  Texas House of Representatives.