H.R. No. 642
                                  R E S O L U T I O N
    1-1        WHEREAS, The members of the Texas House of Representatives
    1-2  take special pleasure in honoring a former colleague, the Honorable
    1-3  M. B. Etheredge, for the many outstanding contributions he has made
    1-4  to his community, state, and nation over the course of a celebrated
    1-5  career that has lasted more than 50 years; and
    1-6        WHEREAS, Colonel Etheredge was born in Weldon on June 7,
    1-7  1915, the son of a distinguished pioneer family, and at an early
    1-8  age began to demonstrate the intelligence and academic excellence
    1-9  for which he later became so renowned; determined to attend
   1-10  college, he left home and worked around the clock so that he could
   1-11  graduate from an accredited high school, and in 1937 this fine
   1-12  Texan received his biology degree from Sam Houston State Teachers
   1-13  College, where he served as both president of the senior class and
   1-14  as captain of the track team; and
   1-15        WHEREAS, Following his graduation from college, he began his
   1-16  storied career in public education as a teacher in Sugar Land,
   1-17  where he immediately earned the respect and admiration of students,
   1-18  parents, and colleagues alike; in 1941, at the age of 26, Colonel
   1-19  Etheredge became the youngest school superintendent in the state
   1-20  when he accepted a position in Damon, Brazoria County; and
   1-21        WHEREAS, One year later, this patriotic American answered his
   1-22  country's call to arms and volunteered for the United States Army,
   1-23  putting his career on hold and his life at risk; during his tours
   1-24  of duty in Africa, Italy, and France, he distinguished himself as
    2-1  one of the most highly decorated Americans to serve in World War
    2-2  II, earning two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts and becoming one
    2-3  of the few individuals in history to be awarded three Silver Stars
    2-4  for gallantry in action; and
    2-5        WHEREAS, At the conclusion of the war, he continued his
    2-6  career in the military, attaining the rank of lieutenant colonel
    2-7  during his meritorious service in the Texas National Guard; Colonel
    2-8  Etheredge also returned to school to better prepare himself for his
    2-9  life's primary work in the field of public education, receiving his
   2-10  master's degree from Sam Houston State Teachers College in 1947 and
   2-11  pursuing postgraduate studies as a Peabody scholar at The
   2-12  University of Texas at Austin; and
   2-13        WHEREAS, A brilliant and articulate champion of public
   2-14  education, this exceptional man decided to enter the arena of
   2-15  public policymaking and in 1947 became a member of the Texas House
   2-16  of Representatives; during the 50th, 51st, and 52nd legislatures,
   2-17  he served the citizens of District 29 with integrity and
   2-18  dedication, and brought to the house chamber a truly remarkable
   2-19  range of expertise in the field of education; and
   2-20        WHEREAS, Among his many notable achievements as a lawmaker,
   2-21  Colonel Etheredge can perhaps be most proud of his work as chairman
   2-22  of the House Education Committee, for it was under his able
   2-23  leadership that the Gilmer-Aiken bills were passed; and
   2-24        WHEREAS, Colonel Etheredge left public service in 1951, when
   2-25  he returned to the classroom to teach at his alma mater, Sam
   2-26  Houston State University, as a professor in the education
   2-27  department; a member of the university's athletic hall of honor, he
    3-1  retired as a full professor in 1978 and was later recognized as a
    3-2  distinguished alumnus of the school; and
    3-3        WHEREAS, In addition to these outstanding military and
    3-4  professional accomplishments, he has also found time to work with
    3-5  many local business and civic organizations; a past board member of
    3-6  his local chamber of commerce and the founder of two area banks,
    3-7  the American Bank in Huntsville and the Lake Area National Bank in
    3-8  Trinity, Colonel Etheredge is a past president and longtime member
    3-9  of the Huntsville Rotary Club and for many years served as chairman
   3-10  of the Walker County Democratic Party; and
   3-11        WHEREAS, A member of his local community of faith at the
   3-12  First Baptist Church in Huntsville, this extraordinary Texan is
   3-13  above all else a devoted family man who enjoys a richly rewarding
   3-14  marriage with his wife of 55 years, Emma Fatheree Etheredge, and
   3-15  who takes immense pride in his daughter, Virginia Lee Etheredge;
   3-16  and
   3-17        WHEREAS, Colonel Etheredge is a true inspiration to Texans
   3-18  everywhere who have dedicated themselves to improving the quality
   3-19  of public education for our state's youngest citizens, and his many
   3-20  exceptional achievements are indeed worthy of special legislative
   3-21  recognition; now, therefore, be it
   3-22        RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives hereby
   3-23  congratulate the Honorable M. B. Etheredge for the innumerable
   3-24  contributions he has made toward making Texas a better place in
   3-25  which to learn, work, and raise a family; and, be it further
   3-26        RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
   3-27  prepared for Colonel Etheredge as an expression of highest regard
    4-1  by his former colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives.