H.R. No. 393
                                  R E S O L U T I O N
    1-1        WHEREAS, The Texas House of Representatives takes great pride
    1-2  in honoring a distinguished former member of this chamber, Chris
    1-3  Victor Semos, for his outstanding public service to the citizens of
    1-4  Dallas; and
    1-5        WHEREAS, Born and reared in Dallas, Mr. Semos attended school
    1-6  in Highland Park and continued his education in Greece and
    1-7  Switzerland before returning to Dallas, where he earned a degree in
    1-8  business administration from Southern Methodist University in 1962;
    1-9  and
   1-10        WHEREAS, A talented businessman, he applied his considerable
   1-11  skills to the management of his popular family-owned business, The
   1-12  Torch Restaurant, which he helped to run for more than three
   1-13  decades; during that time, he rose to prominence in the Dallas
   1-14  community through his participation in local civic affairs, an
   1-15  avocation that soon led to his election to the Texas House of
   1-16  Representatives in 1966; and
   1-17        WHEREAS, While a member of the house, Mr. Semos effectively
   1-18  championed the concerns of his constituents as chair of the Dallas
   1-19  Legislative Delegation, the Claims Committee, and the Business and
   1-20  Industry Committee, and he sponsored the law that established the
   1-21  Texas Sesquicentennial Commission; subsequently appointed chair of
   1-22  the commission, he earned the title "Father of the
   1-23  Sesquicentennial" for his exceptional efforts presiding over that
   1-24  landmark celebration of Texas independence; and
    2-1        WHEREAS, After his exemplary tenure in the state legislature,
    2-2  Mr. Semos went on to serve three accomplished terms as a Dallas
    2-3  County commissioner from 1982 to 1994, during which time he
    2-4  represented his constituents in the southwestern section of the
    2-5  county with the utmost integrity and dedication; and
    2-6        WHEREAS, At present, this extraordinary gentleman continues
    2-7  to dedicate his time to the greater community, holding a variety of
    2-8  leadership positions with many prominent local institutions,
    2-9  including the United Way, the Baylor College of Dentistry, the
   2-10  National Conference of Christians and Jews, the Dallas Family
   2-11  Hospital, the Dallas Historical Society, Northwood University, and
   2-12  the Oak Cliff Lions Club, to name but a few; and
   2-13        WHEREAS, Mr. Semos has been recognized on repeated occasions
   2-14  for his vast contributions to the civic and cultural life of Dallas
   2-15  with awards from such eminent organizations as Dallas Baptist
   2-16  University, LULAC, the Oak Cliff Tribune, the North Central Texas
   2-17  Council of Governments, the Texas Restaurant Association, the
   2-18  Scottish Rite, the Dallas Assembly, and the Greek Orthodox Church;
   2-19  and
   2-20        WHEREAS, An expert on Greece and the Mediterranean, Mr. Semos
   2-21  has shared his extensive knowledge of these regions as the host of
   2-22  "A Touch of Old Athens," a popular radio program on KSKY radio,
   2-23  that played for several years and has authored numerous articles on
   2-24  the topics for the Dallas Morning News; the owner of a number of
   2-25  priceless Greek antiquities, he has generously lent his collection
   2-26  to the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio for public
   2-27  display; and
    3-1        WHEREAS, On the homefront, this devoted family man enjoys a
    3-2  happy and rewarding marriage to his wife, the former Anastasia
    3-3  Kontos, which has produced three daughters, Mary Katherine,
    3-4  Victoria Evelyn, and Kristina Anastasia, all of whom are a source
    3-5  of great pride and joy to their parents; and
    3-6        WHEREAS, Truly a pillar of the community, Chris Victor Semos
    3-7  has greatly benefitted the citizens of Dallas throughout his
    3-8  extraordinary career and indeed merits our highest praise and
    3-9  recognition for his many contributions; now, therefore, be it
   3-10        RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 74th Texas
   3-11  Legislature hereby commend Chris Victor Semos for his exemplary
   3-12  service to the citizens of Dallas as a dedicated public servant,
   3-13  businessman, and civic leader; and, be it further
   3-14        RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
   3-15  prepared for Mr. Semos as an expression of highest regard by the
   3-16  Texas House of Representatives.