S.R. No. 230
    1-1                           SENATE RESOLUTION
    1-2        WHEREAS, Our distinguished colleague Senator Judith Zaffirini
    1-3  is celebrating the grand occasion of her birthday on
    1-4  February 13, 1993, and the members of the Texas Senate are proud to
    1-5  have the opportunity to honor her on this special day; and
    1-6        WHEREAS, Since her election to this body in 1987, the
    1-7  esteemed legislator has quietly and effectively addressed the
    1-8  issues affecting her electorate in the 21st Senatorial District;
    1-9  and
   1-10        WHEREAS, Her sprawling district reaches from her
   1-11  hometown of Laredo 620 miles west to El Paso and 154 miles north
   1-12  to San Antonio; and
   1-13        WHEREAS, Her voting record and attendance are unmatched
   1-14  in the Senate; she is the only senator with a perfect record in
   1-15  both areas during her three regular and 11 special sessions; and
   1-16        WHEREAS, Recently appointed chair of the Health and
   1-17  Human Services Committee, Senator Zaffirini provides the Senate
   1-18  with a wealth of knowledge and experience, having diligently worked
   1-19  to alleviate the problems of senior citizens, the mentally ill, and
   1-20  the mentally retarded; and
   1-21        WHEREAS, A communications specialist and experienced
   1-22  educator, Senator Zaffirini taught for 13 years in both public and
   1-23  private institutions at the elementary, junior high, junior college,
    2-1  and university levels; and
    2-2        WHEREAS, Judith Zaffirini shares her considerable background
    2-3  and knowledge with others as a member of the Education Committee
    2-4  and Finance Committee; and
    2-5        WHEREAS, The senior senator from the border and Bexar and
    2-6  El Paso counties holds the distinction of being the first Hispanic
    2-7  woman senator in Texas; and
    2-8        WHEREAS, Recognized for her exceptional public service and
    2-9  legislative and professional work, Senator Zaffirini is the
   2-10  recipient of over 100 awards and honors including the 1988 and
   2-11  1990 George Washington Medals of Excellence for Individual
   2-12  Achievement from the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge and the
   2-13  internationally regarded "Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon Medal of Merit"
   2-14  for her leadership in strengthening relations and promoting trade
   2-15  with Mexico; and
   2-16        WHEREAS, A devoted wife and mother, Senator Zaffirini has
   2-17  been supported by the love and companionship of her husband, Carlos,
   2-18  and their 10-year-old son, Carlos, Jr.; and
   2-19        WHEREAS, The citizens of Texas are indeed fortunate to have
   2-20  the benefit of Senator Zaffirini's unfailing efforts on their behalf;
   2-21  now, therefore, be it
   2-22        RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
   2-23  73rd Legislature, hereby extend happy birthday wishes to
   2-24  Senator Judith Zaffirini for a most enjoyable celebration; and,
   2-25  be it further
    3-1        RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for
    3-2  her as an expression of the admiration and high regard of the
    3-3  Texas Senate.
    3-4                                                 Ellis
    3-5        Armbrister           Lucio               Rosson
    3-6        Barrientos           Luna                Shapiro
    3-7        Bivins               Madla               Shelley
    3-8        Brown                Moncrief            Sibley
    3-9        Carriker             Montford            Sims
   3-10        Haley                Nelson              Truan
   3-11        Harris of Dallas     Parker              Turner
   3-12        Harris of Tarrant    Patterson           Wentworth
   3-13        Henderson            Ratliff             West
   3-14        Leedom                                   Whitmire
   3-15                   Bullock, President of the Senate
   3-16                                 _____________________________________
   3-17                                        President of the Senate
   3-18                                      I hereby certify that the
   3-19                                 above Resolution was adopted by
   3-20                                 the Senate on February 15, 1993.
   3-21                                 _____________________________________
   3-22                                        Secretary of the Senate
   3-23                                 _____________________________________
   3-24                                         Member, Texas Senate