S.R. No. 195
    1-1                           SENATE RESOLUTION
    1-2        WHEREAS, The members of the Senate of the State of Texas are
    1-3  proud to recognize the Honorable Chet Brooks for his distinguished
    1-4  tenure as Chair of the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human
    1-5  Services; and
    1-6        WHEREAS, Appointed Chair of the powerful Senate Health and
    1-7  Human Services Committee in 1973, Senator Brooks welcomed this
    1-8  opportunity and immediately began a dynamic advocacy for the
    1-9  elderly, the disadvantaged, the poor, our children and our youth,
   1-10  and persons with disabilities that would continue throughout his
   1-11  legislative career; and
   1-12        WHEREAS, Always an advocate for those who could not speak
   1-13  for themselves, Senator Brooks worked tirelessly for an increase
   1-14  in aid for our poorest children and families; he also passed
   1-15  legislation to provide temporary assistance with housing,
   1-16  utilities, and medical care in cases of emergency for the poor
   1-17  and homeless; and
   1-18        WHEREAS, His other achievements include establishing vision,
   1-19  speech, and hearing screening to identify at an early stage sensory
   1-20  and communication problems in young children and establishing the
   1-21  Health and Human Services Coordinating Council; and
   1-22        WHEREAS, The safety and well-being of Texas families and
   1-23  children being paramount to Senator Brooks, he secured passage of
    2-1  the Child Care Licensing Act of 1975; he established state funding
    2-2  for shelters for victims of family violence; and he created the
    2-3  Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services to ensure
    2-4  that the protection from abuse for people of all ages is given
    2-5  priority attention; and
    2-6        WHEREAS, Senator Brooks championed the causes of elderly
    2-7  Texans by working valiantly to improve the conditions and quality
    2-8  of care in nursing homes, to prevent unnecessary and premature
    2-9  institutionalization, and to create the Texas Department on Aging
   2-10  and the Long-Term Care Coordinating Council for the Elderly; and
   2-11        WHEREAS, Aware that Alzheimer's disease is devastating to its
   2-12  victims and their families, Senator Brooks championed their cause,
   2-13  passing more than 11 bills and resolutions and creating the Council
   2-14  on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders; and
   2-15        WHEREAS, Senator Brooks has an impressive record of fighting
   2-16  for the rights of persons with disabilities; he is responsible for
   2-17  establishing sheltered workshops to provide employment opportunities
   2-18  for persons with disabilities; prohibiting discrimination in housing
   2-19  and employment; establishing the Southwest Collegiate Institute for
   2-20  the Deaf; authorizing the Texas Commission for the Deaf to develop
   2-21  and implement statewide services for deaf persons and to provide
   2-22  training for interpreters; and establishing the Texas Council on
   2-23  Disabilities; and
   2-24        WHEREAS, The state's mentally ill and mentally retarded
   2-25  citizens had no greater friend in the Texas Legislature;
    3-1  Senator Brooks established community centers within the TDMHMR
    3-2  system as alternatives to large residential facilities, requiring
    3-3  them to place emphasis on mental health crisis counseling for
    3-4  their clients; and he provided insurance coverage for residential
    3-5  treatment centers for children and adolescents; and
    3-6        WHEREAS, An outspoken proponent of cancer prevention and
    3-7  treatment in the State of Texas, Senator Brooks helped establish
    3-8  the Texas Cancer Council and Cancer Registry; he introduced the
    3-9  Texas Smoke Free Indoor Air Act; and
   3-10        WHEREAS, In 1989, this hardworking senator succeeded in
   3-11  passing an Omnibus AIDS Bill; and
   3-12        WHEREAS, Continuing his exemplary embodiment as protector of
   3-13  all of our citizens, Senator Brooks was author of the Sexual Assault
   3-14  Prevention Crisis Services Act in the 71st Legislature; and
   3-15        WHEREAS, Always mindful of the special problems of rural
   3-16  Texans, Senator Brooks sponsored the Center for Rural Health
   3-17  Initiatives as well as the Omnibus Rural Health Care Bill in the
   3-18  71st Legislature; he expanded health care services to thousands of
   3-19  children and high-risk pregnant women; he enabled Texas to claim
   3-20  over $1 billion last year in Medicaid funds to help compensate
   3-21  rural and urban hospitals that carry a disproportionate share of
   3-22  the treatment for indigent patients; and
   3-23        WHEREAS, This dedicated public servant has gladly borne the
   3-24  responsibilities of leadership throughout his career in public
   3-25  service; it is only fitting and appropriate that recognition be
    4-1  paid to Senator Brooks for his outstanding contributions as Chair
    4-2  of the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services,
    4-3  1973-1992; now, therefore, be it
    4-4        RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
    4-5  73rd Legislature, hereby applaud Senator Chet Brooks for his
    4-6  superlative gifts of service to the citizens of Texas; and, be it
    4-7  further
    4-8        RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for him
    4-9  as an expression of the highest esteem, respect, and affection from
   4-10  the Texas Senate.
   4-11        Zaffirini            Moncrief            Shelley
   4-12        Ellis                Nelson              Truan
   4-13        Madla                Patterson           Wentworth
   4-14        Armbrister           Harris of Tarrant   Rosson
   4-15        Barrientos           Henderson           Shapiro
   4-16        Bivins               Leedom              Sibley
   4-17        Brown                Lucio               Sims
   4-18        Carriker             Luna                Turner
   4-19        Haley                Montford            West
   4-20        Harris of Dallas     Parker              Whitmire
   4-21                             Ratliff
   4-22                   Bullock, President of the Senate
   4-23                                 _____________________________________
   4-24                                        President of the Senate
   4-25                                      I hereby certify that the
    5-1                                 above Resolution was adopted by
    5-2                                 the Senate on February 11, 1993.
    5-3                                 _____________________________________
    5-4                                        Secretary of the Senate
    5-5                                 _____________________________________
    5-6                                        Chair, Health and Human
    5-7                                          Services Committee