S.R. No. 9
    1-1                           SENATE RESOLUTION
    1-2        WHEREAS, Robert C. Sneed, son of Jerome Sneed, Jr., and
    1-3  Nancie Carter Sneed, is celebrating his 70th birthday; and
    1-4        WHEREAS, This distinguished gentleman interrupted a law
    1-5  career that started with enrollment in The University of Texas
    1-6  School of Law in 1942 to serve honorably as a bombardier in the
    1-7  United States Army Air Corps from 1943 until 1945; and
    1-8        WHEREAS, He married the former Anna Tutt of Dallas in 1947;
    1-9  that same year he graduated from law school, was licensed as an
   1-10  attorney by the State of Texas, and formally joined the Sneed
   1-11  family law firm, which has been actively benefiting the law and
   1-12  its clients since 1926; and
   1-13        WHEREAS, Active in the legislative process, either as an
   1-14  errand boy, messenger, lawyer, lobbyist, or political adviser
   1-15  since 1932, Mr. Sneed had gone so far as to sneak out of the
   1-16  Legislative Library instead of studying his school course work
   1-17  so he could watch committees of the Texas Legislature conduct
   1-18  their business; and
   1-19        WHEREAS, He has continued the family commitment to
   1-20  equality, courage, and honesty exemplified by his grandfather,
   1-21  Jerome H. Sneed, a member of the Texas House in the 30th and
   1-22  31st sessions, who impressed upon his grandson the value of
   1-23  public service and fair play through his authorship of a law
    2-1  banning the wearing of masks during political functions and
    2-2  rallies, one of the first successful antiterrorist measures
    2-3  in the South; and
    2-4        WHEREAS, Mr. Sneed has continually represented one client,
    2-5  the Texas Association of Life Insurance Officials, for 45 years
    2-6  and another, the Texas Land Title Association, for 20 years; and
    2-7        WHEREAS, He has always made himself available for public
    2-8  discussions large and small, from the authorship of complete
    2-9  chapters of the Insurance Code or revisions of its fundamental
   2-10  element, to providing unparalleled expertise on the subject of
   2-11  land titles, thereby saving Texans' rights to the land whether
   2-12  those citizens are great or small, as he did in helping residents
   2-13  of Texas "colonias" with his astute analysis of the 1989 "colonias"
   2-14  bill; and
   2-15        WHEREAS, Earning a reputation for unquestioned honesty in
   2-16  all his dealings, Mr. Sneed has been recognized by his peers for
   2-17  his integrity to the extent that his word alone has been sufficient
   2-18  basis for accepting, amending, or rejecting legislative language or
   2-19  intent; and
   2-20        WHEREAS, A dedicated political activist, Mr. Sneed had
   2-21  a positive influence on the political process through his service
   2-22  as Travis County Democratic Party Chairman from 1966 through 1972,
   2-23  helping pioneer the application of diversification of Texas politics
   2-24  through the encouragement and inclusion of minorities, whether
   2-25  ethnic, gender, or cultural, long before it was acknowledged as
    3-1  fair, wise, or right to do so, and his service on the Texas School
    3-2  Land Board in 1965; and
    3-30     73rd Legislature, hereby join with his proud family:  his
    3-41     wife, Anna; his children, Jerry, Helen, John, and Kaysie; and
    3-52     his grandchildren, Angel and Christi Polanski and Scott Sneed in
    3-63     celebrating the life, the birthday, and the contributions of this
    3-74     Texas leader and legislative institution; and, be it further
    3-85           RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for
    3-96     Mr. Sneed as an expression of highest esteem and respect from the
   3-107     Texas Senate.
   3-118                                                    Barrientos
   3-129           Armbrister           Lucio               Shapiro
   3-130           Bivins               Luna                Shelley
   3-141           Brown                Madla               Sibley
   3-152           Carriker             Moncrief            Sims
   3-163           Ellis                Montford            Truan
   3-174           Haley                Nelson              Turner
   3-185           Harris of Dallas     Parker              Wentworth
   3-196           Harris of Tarrant    Patterson           West
   3-207           Henderson            Ratliff             Whitmire
   3-218           Leedom               Rosson              Zaffirini
   3-229                      Bullock, President of the Senate
   3-230                                    _____________________________________
   3-241                                           President of the Senate
   3-252                                         I hereby certify that the
    4-13                                    above Resolution was adopted by
    4-24                                    the Senate on January 13, 1993.
    4-35                                    _____________________________________
    4-46                                           Secretary of the Senate
    4-57                                    _____________________________________
    4-68                                            Member, Texas Senate