H.R. No. 432
                                  R E S O L U T I O N
    1-1        WHEREAS, March 20, 1993, marks the 50th birthday of the
    1-2  distinguished speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, the
    1-3  Honorable James E. "Pete" Laney; and
    1-4        WHEREAS, The son of W. G. and Frances Laney, he was born in
    1-5  "Plain view" on March 20, 1943, a little-known fact that may help
    1-6  to account for his sincere efforts to create a more open government
    1-7  as the leader of this august chamber; and
    1-8        WHEREAS, In his youth, Speaker Laney was graduated from Hale
    1-9  Center High School, where he was no doubt voted "most likely to
   1-10  become a political trailblazer," and he went on to pursue a
   1-11  bachelor's degree in agricultural economics from Texas Tech
   1-12  University, graduating in 1966; and
   1-13        WHEREAS, While in college, Speaker Laney also pursued the
   1-14  lovely Nelda McQuien, and the devoted couple were united in
   1-15  marriage in 1963; since that time, they have shared the joys of
   1-16  parenthood as the proud progenitors of a trio of gifted children,
   1-17  KaLyn Laney, Jamey Laney Phillips, and J Pete Laney, all of whom
   1-18  are quick to sing their parents' praises; and
   1-19        WHEREAS, Out standing in his field, Speaker Laney is a farmer
   1-20  by profession who first entered the field of politics in 1972 when
   1-21  he was elected to the Texas House of Representatives; quickly
   1-22  earning a well-deserved reputation as a man of fairness, integrity,
   1-23  and intelligence, Speaker Laney was soon named chairman of the
   1-24  House Administration Committee, in which post he served with
    2-1  distinction from 1975 to 1982; and
    2-2        WHEREAS, Appointed speaker pro tempore of the house in 1982,
    2-3  he was named chairman of the House State Affairs Committee the
    2-4  following year, in which capacity he continued to make a name for
    2-5  himself for the next nine years; and
    2-6        WHEREAS, Over the course of his exemplary tenure, Speaker
    2-7  Laney also has shared his considerable leadership abilities as
    2-8  chairman of the Interim Committee on Nursing Home Reform and as an
    2-9  active member of the State Aircraft Pooling Board, the Task Force
   2-10  on Public Utility Regulation, and the House Select Committee on
   2-11  Rules; and
   2-12        WHEREAS, On January 12, 1993, this fine gentleman nosed out
   2-13  the competition and was elected the 71st speaker of the Texas House
   2-14  of Representatives; since assuming the duties of his office,
   2-15  Speaker Laney has worked diligently to bring about popular reform,
   2-16  seeking to ensure that the citizens of Texas and their chosen
   2-17  representatives will feel that their voices are being heard at the
   2-18  State Capitol in Austin; and
   2-19        WHEREAS, The recipient of numerous awards and accolades, he
   2-20  has been honored as an outstanding legislator by Texas Business
   2-21  Magazine on two occasions and he also has earned praise for his
   2-22  alma mater as a distinguished alumnus of Texas Tech University; the
   2-23  school is basking in glory this year, having achieved a clean sweep
   2-24  of the men's and women's basketball championships as well as the
   2-25  Texas speakership; and
   2-26        WHEREAS, A man of such good humor that he should be selling
   2-27  ice cream out of the back of his vehicle, Speaker Laney has long
    3-1  endured the good-natured ribbing of his colleagues as a member of
    3-2  this chamber, and it is indeed appropriate that this time-honored
    3-3  tradition continue as he commemorates the 50th anniversary of his
    3-4  birth; now, therefore, be it
    3-5        RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 73rd Texas
    3-6  Legislature hereby congratulate the Honorable James E. "Pete" Laney
    3-7  on the momentous occasion of his 50th birthday and extend warmest
    3-8  best wishes to him for another happy and productive year; and, be
    3-9  it further
   3-10        RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
   3-11  prepared for Speaker Laney as an expression of high regard by his
   3-12  colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives.