H.R. No. 330
                                  R E S O L U T I O N
    1-1        WHEREAS, The members of the Texas House of Representatives
    1-2  are proud to honor an esteemed former member of this legislative
    1-3  body, the Honorable David Crews, by joining with his family,
    1-4  friends, and admirers in commemorating the happy occasion of his
    1-5  60th birthday; and
    1-6        WHEREAS, Born on February 18, 1933, in the small town of Lenz
    1-7  in Karnes County, he attended nearby Karnes City High School, where
    1-8  he was a standout athlete starring on the football, basketball,
    1-9  baseball, and track teams; he then attended Baylor University and
   1-10  the Baylor University School of Law, earning his law degree in
   1-11  1957; and
   1-12        WHEREAS, Making his home in Conroe, the Montgomery County
   1-13  seat, this capable and energetic young man quickly began to make a
   1-14  name for himself as a leading member of the community and in 1960
   1-15  achieved the distinction of becoming the youngest person elected to
   1-16  the Texas House of Representatives when he won a seat as a member
   1-17  of the 57th Texas Legislature; and
   1-18        WHEREAS, During his freshman term, State Representative Crews
   1-19  ably served the needs of District 29, which then comprised Grimes
   1-20  and Montgomery counties, with such dedication and skill that he won
   1-21  a second term in 1962; and
   1-22        WHEREAS, Returning to the house as a member of the 58th
   1-23  Legislature, he represented a new District 18, which, following the
   1-24  decennial redistricting process, added Madison County to the two
    2-1  counties that had made up his former house district; and
    2-2        WHEREAS, Continuing to promote the interests of his southeast
    2-3  Texas constituents, Mr. Crews was reelected to two more terms,
    2-4  representing Chambers, Liberty, and Montgomery counties in his
    2-5  final term; altogether, his four consecutive terms in the Texas
    2-6  House of Representatives enabled him to compile a noteworthy record
    2-7  of legislative accomplishments; and
    2-8        WHEREAS, His hard work and astute grasp of the political
    2-9  process also earned him the respect and admiration of his
   2-10  colleagues, and on his retirement after the 60th Legislature, he
   2-11  continued to maintain a close working relationship with many of his
   2-12  former colleagues in his subsequent career as a lobbyist; and
   2-13        WHEREAS, Returning to Conroe, where he maintained a
   2-14  successful practice as an attorney, Mr. Crews has continued to
   2-15  demonstrate  the unwavering dedication to public service and the
   2-16  keen interest in the workings of representative government that had
   2-17  distinguished him as a young state representative; and
   2-18        WHEREAS, Highly regarded by all who have had the pleasure of
   2-19  working with him and by those who have benefited by his dedication
   2-20  to public service, Mr. Crews is indeed worthy of special
   2-21  recognition, and the occasion of his 60th birthday affords the
   2-22  members of this body an excellent opportunity to honor him for his
   2-23  many years of service to the state; now, therefore, be it
   2-24        RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 73rd Texas
   2-25  Legislature hereby extend warmest birthday wishes to our good
   2-26  friend, former State Representative David Crews, with the added
   2-27  wishes for many more years of continued success and happiness; and,
    3-1  be it further
    3-2        RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
    3-3  prepared for Mr. Crews as an expression of high esteem by the Texas
    3-4  House of Representatives.
    3-5  prepared for Mr. Crews as an expression of high esteem by the Texas
    3-6  House of Representatives.
    3-7                                                                Brady
    3-8                                                      H.R. No. 330
    3-9                                      _______________________________
   3-10                                            Speaker of the House
   3-11        I certify that H.R. No. 330 was adopted by the House on
   3-12  February 25, 1993, by a non-record vote.
   3-13                                      _______________________________
   3-14                                          Chief Clerk of the House