COMMITTEE:    Finance-S/C on Fiscal Matters 

TIME & DATE:  11:00 AM or upon adjournment
Friday, May 10, 2013 

PLACE:        E1.036 (Finance Room) 
CHAIR:        Senator Glenn Hegar 



Those wishing to give public testimony, please limit prepared remarks to 3 minutes.  If submitting written testimony, please submit 20 copies, with your name on each copy, to the Committee during the hearing.


To consider the following:


HB 213        Hilderbran | et al.     SP: Hegar
Relating to the $1 million total revenue exemption for the franchise tax.

HB 294        Rodriguez, Eddie        SP: Watson
Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of certain property owned by a charitable organization and used in providing housing and related services to certain homeless individuals.

HB 1287       Hilderbran              SP: Estes
Relating to the contents of an application by certain persons for an exemption from ad valorem taxation of the person's residence homestead.

HB 1310       Button | et al.         SP: Paxton
Relating to the exclusion from total revenue of the cost of certain vaccines for purposes of the franchise tax.

HB 2766       Hunter                  SP: Whitmire
Relating to the exclusion of certain flow-through funds in determining total revenue for purposes of the franchise tax.