Senate Floor Action for 4/16/2013



April 16, 2013

The Senate suspended the necessary rules to consider and finally pass:

SJR 32 (CS)Paxton

Proposing a constitutional amendment to authorize a political subdivision other than a school district to establish a limitation on the amount of ad valorem taxes that the political subdivision may impose on the residence homesteads of persons who are disabled or elderly and their surviving spouses.

SB 346 (CS)Seliger/ et al.

Relating to reporting requirements of certain persons who do not meet the definition of political committee.

SB 446 Eltife

Relating to allowable transfers to the Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission of proceeds from the taxes on the sale, storage, or use of sporting goods.

SB 489 (CS)Paxton

Relating to the authority of a taxing unit other than a school district to establish a limitation on the amount of ad valorem taxes that the taxing unit may impose on the residence homesteads of individuals who are disabled or elderly and their surviving spouses.

SB 709 (CS)Lucio

Relating to representation of a person in a special education impartial due process hearing.

SB 734 (CS)Carona

Relating to the licensing of captive insurance companies; authorizing fees and authorizing and imposing taxes.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 772 (LC)Uresti

Relating to the elimination of obsolete and redundant reporting requirements for the Department of Agriculture.

SB 778 (CS)Carona

Relating to trusts.

SB 857 (CS)Seliger

Relating to the authority of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board regarding the initiation, consolidation, or elimination of a degree or certificate program offered by a public institution of higher education.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 895 (CS) (LC)Davis/ Ellis/ et al.

Relating to access to records of a nonprofit organization supporting the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas under the public information law.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 992 (CS)Taylor

Relating to misrepresentations in connection with certain drug testing devices or equipment; providing penalties.

SB 1224 Taylor

Relating to the use by a property owner of a common or contract carrier to send a payment, report, application, statement, or other document or paper to a taxing unit or taxing official.

SB 1265 (CS) (LC)Nichols

Relating to the election of board members for emergency services districts in certain counties.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1390 (LC)Davis/ et al.

Relating to an audit by the state auditor of the Texas Enterprise Fund.

SB 1409 (CS)Patrick/ Paxton/ et al.

Relating to public information regarding facilities of school districts and open-enrollment charter schools.

SB 1541 (CS)Van de Putte

Relating to discipline of public school students by school bus drivers.

SB 1546 Eltife

Relating to the management and use of the Texas preservation trust fund.

SB 1584 (LC)Rodríguez

Relating to the validation of the dissolution of the Development Corporation of Presidio and the creation of the Presidio Municipal Development District.

SB 1708 (CS)Rodríguez

Relating to the acquisition of certain real property in El Paso County for the construction of facilities for the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1729 (CS)Nichols/ et al.

Relating to an agreement between the Department of Public Safety and a county for the provision of renewal and duplicate driver's license and other identification certificate services; authorizing a fee.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 1730 (CS)Nichols

Relating to comprehensive development agreements of the Texas Department of Transportation or a regional mobility authority.

1 Floor Amendment

The Senate suspended the regular order, read second time and passed to engrossment:

SB 1340 (CS)Seliger

Relating to the temporary operation of a race track extension location.

SB 1387 (CS)Carona

Relating to water well drillers and pump installers; changing fees.

1 Floor Amendment

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 485 Rodríguez

Recognizing the University of Texas at El Paso on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

SR 610 Lucio

Commending the Westlake High School Cheerleaders for their victory as Universal Cheerleaders Association Nation High School Cheerleading Champions.

SR 639 Watson/ Paxton

Congratulating Samsung Electronics on the expansion of the Samsung Austin Semiconductor plant.

SR 659 Deuell

Commending the Texas section of the United States Tennis Association.

SR 682 Taylor/ et al.

In memory of Bob Perry.

Committee referral on the following:

SB 1891 Watson

Relating to the imposition of an additional fee for filing civil cases in certain Travis County courts.


SB 1892 Garcia

Relating to the composition of the Texas Coordinating Council for Veterans Services and its coordinating workgroups.

Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

HB 1550 Bell

Relating to unemployment compensation chargebacks regarding certain persons who are involuntarily separated from employment.

Economic Development

Committee re-referral on the following:

SB 171 West

Relating to the establishment of a workgroup to study the use by state agencies of a uniform application form following disasters.

Re-referred from Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security to Intergovernmental Relations