Local, Consent, and Resolutions Calendar

Thursday, April 25, 2013
10:00 AM



********** SENATE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS **********

SB 139              Eltife

SP: Simpson / Davis, Yvonne / Fletcher / Hughes / Lavender / et al.

Relating to the designation of a segment of U.S. Highway 80 as the Sergeant Travis E. Watkins Memorial Highway.

SB 293              Williams

SP: Ritter

Relating to the authority of certain water districts to hold meetings by teleconference or videoconference.

********** HOUSE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS **********

HB 62               Guillen

Relating to a justice or judge having an interest in a business entity that owns, manages, or operates a private correctional or rehabilitation facility.

HB 139              Raymond

Relating to the exercise of urban renewal powers by certain counties.

HB 333              Guillen / Springer

Relating to requiring notice of a hotel's firearms policy and other guest policies; providing a criminal penalty.

HB 334              Nevárez

Relating to the residency requirement for certain elective offices of certain political subdivisions.

HB 340              Rodriguez, Eddie

Relating to the power of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to authorize certain injection wells that transect or terminate in the Edwards Aquifer.

HB 429              Guillen

Relating to the definition of rural area for purposes of certain housing assistance administered by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

HB 480              Alvarado

Relating to the use of sick leave by state employees who are attending educational activities of their children.

HB 608              Otto

Relating to the regulation of the practice of public accountancy.

HB 702              Deshotel

Relating to the applicability of state law governing funds transfers to certain remittance transfers.

HB 722              King, Tracy O.

Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a county hotel occupancy tax.

HB 747              Raymond

Relating to the duty of certain professionals to report child abuse or neglect.

HB 762              Guillen

Relating to restrictions on disaster remediation contracts following a locally declared disaster.

HB 797              Thompson, Senfronia / Miles

Relating to certain written information the Windham School District must provide to a person before the person enrolls in a district vocational training program.

HB 798              Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to certain actions taken by certain licensing authorities regarding a license holder or applicant who has been convicted of a Class C misdemeanor.

HB 857              Lucio III / Burnam

Relating to the frequency of water audits by certain retail public utilities.

HB 934              Lewis

Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a hotel occupancy tax for the maintenance, operation, and promotion of and improved access to a coliseum in the county; authorizing a tax.

HB 964              Murphy

Relating to the creation of the Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 529; granting a limited power of eminent domain; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes.

HB 1023             Burkett / Alvarado / et al.

Relating to the creation of a task force to investigate and make recommendations regarding mental health workforce shortages.

HB 1135             Villarreal

Relating to a study conducted by the Texas Department of Transportation regarding the production of and use of native seeds.

HB 1188             Thompson, Senfronia / Perry / Miles

Relating to limiting the liability of persons who employ persons with criminal convictions.

HB 1191             Burkett / et al.

Relating to certain information about housing for persons with mental illness provided through the Texas Information and Referral Network Internet site.

HB 1193             Guillen

Relating to the appointment of bailiffs for certain district courts.

HB 1196             Clardy

Relating to county participation in a program for improvement of collection of court costs, fees, and fines imposed in criminal cases.

HB 1204             Parker

Relating to designating October 1 as Influenza Awareness Day.

HB 1206             Parker / Fallon / et al.

Relating to the duties of a law enforcement agency regarding certain children who are reported to be missing.

HB 1214             Lucio III

Relating to the irrigation powers and functions of certain water districts; providing authority for a district by rule to change fees; clarifying a district's authority to impose certain assessments.

HB 1224             Hilderbran / et al.

Relating to continuing education requirements and a registration exemption for county tax assessor-collectors.

HB 1247             Clardy

Relating to the authority of the board of directors of the Nacogdoches County Hospital District to employ physicians.

HB 1330             Goldman

Relating to the election of members of the board of directors of the Benbrook Water Authority.

HB 1385             Bell

Relating to the creation of the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 139; granting a limited power of eminent domain; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes.

HB 1395             King, Susan

Relating to the exemption of registered dental laboratories from certain distributing and manufacturing licensing requirements.

HB 1405             Smithee

Relating to the collection of surplus lines insurance premium taxes for insurance placed with a managing underwriter.

HB 1435             Darby

Relating to certain notices, reports, and descriptions provided by or filed with court and county clerks.

HB 1487             Harper-Brown

Relating to the searchable state expenditure database maintained by the comptroller.

HB 1495             King, Tracy O.

Relating to annual and special meetings of and election procedures for members of boards of directors for water supply or sewer service corporations.

HB 1530             King, Ken

Relating to the authority of a county clerk or district clerk to collect certain fees; imposing certain court fees.

HB 1534             Leach / Phillips / Craddick / Dutton / Laubenberg

Relating to the designation of a segment of U.S. Highway 75 in Collin County as the Sam Johnson Highway.

HB 1545             Allen / Riddle

Relating to the eligibility of persons with disabilities to use certain public transportation services.

HB 1553             Rodriguez, Justin

Relating to the replatting of a subdivision without vacating the preceding plat in certain municipalities.

HB 1580             Reynolds

Relating to excluding certain short-term employment from unemployment compensation chargebacks and grounds for benefit disqualification.

HB 1591             Cortez / Lavender / Collier

Relating to designation of certain vehicles of the Texas Division of Emergency Management as authorized emergency vehicles.

HB 1602             Villarreal

Relating to the administration, operation, supervision, and regulation of credit unions.

HB 1605             Davis, Sarah / Collier

Relating to the establishment of a pilot program in Harris County to provide maternity care management to certain women enrolled in the Medicaid managed care program.

HB 1607             Farney

Relating to the authority of the commissioners court of a county to alter speed limits on county roads.

HB 1613             Phillips

Relating to access to criminal history record information by the banking commissioner.

HB 1624             Cortez

Relating to the assumed name of a series limited liability company.

HB 1690             Fletcher

Relating to measures to prevent or control the entry into or spread in this state of certain communicable diseases; providing a penalty.

HB 1728             Ashby

Relating to the use of an unsworn declaration, the disposition of certain court exhibits, and the seal of a constitutional county court or county clerk.

HB 1753             Patrick, Diane

Relating to authorizing the board of regents of The University of Texas System to acquire certain property in the city of Arlington.

HB 1767             Canales / Lozano

Relating to the designation of a segment of U.S. Highway 281 in Jim Wells County as the Lt. General Marc Cisneros Highway.

HB 1768             Canales

Relating to identification requirements for certain fire hydrants and flush valves.

HB 1777             Moody / Márquez

Relating to a study regarding the effects on international trade of wait times at points of entry between the United States and the United Mexican States.

HB 1792             Paddie

Relating to safety standards and practices applicable to the transportation by pipeline of certain substances.

HB 1807             King, Tracy O.

Relating to fever tick eradication; creating a penalty.

HB 1819             Kacal

Relating to liability for injuring a trespassing sheep or goat.

HB 1920             Sheffield, J. D.

Relating to the election and authority of the board of directors of the McCulloch County Hospital District.

HB 1952             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to professional development training for certain public school personnel regarding student disciplinary procedures.

HB 1953             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the payment for liquor by a retailer.

HB 1970             Pickett

Relating to the authority of certain municipalities and counties to regulate subdivisions in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of a municipality by agreement.

HB 1995             Reynolds

Relating to the requirement that an unemployed individual be actively seeking work to be eligible for unemployment compensation benefits.

HB 2105             Lucio III

Relating to municipally owned utility systems; authorizing the imposition of fees by a utility board of trustees.

HB 2213             Guillen

Relating to the creation of the Willacy County Drainage District No. 3; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, or taxes.

HB 2238             Isaac / Branch / Gonzales, Larry

Relating to the name of Texas State University--San Marcos.

HB 2263             Miller, Rick

Relating to requesting a replacement voter registration certificate by telephone or electronically.

HB 2300             Keffer / King, Tracy O.

Relating to funding and donations for county transportation projects, including projects of county energy transportation reinvestment zones.

HB 2318             Aycock

Relating to public school educator preparation and alternative certification programs.

HB 2394             Perry

Relating to a study on the feasibility of requiring title for all trailers, semitrailers, and travel trailers not considered manufactured housing.

HB 2459             Thompson, Senfronia / Flynn / Anderson / Laubenberg / Alonzo

Relating to the limitation on the amount that may be charged for certain debt cancellation agreements.

HB 2460             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the possession of stamps indicating the payment of taxes by certain permittees.

HB 2475             Miller, Rick

Relating to the oath taken by a person who assists a voter.

HB 2536             Geren

Relating to the composition of certain regional transportation authority subregional boards.

HB 2576             Larson / et al.

Relating to the appointment of a state cybersecurity coordinator.

HB 2627             Zedler

Relating to the issuance of remedial plans to resolve complaints filed with the Texas Optometry Board; authorizing a fee.

HB 2638             Larson / et al.

Relating to the Cybersecurity, Education, and Economic Development Council.

HB 2649             Herrero

Relating to the punishment for violating certain rules or permit terms under a permit to trap, transport, and transplant certain animals.

HB 2673             Price

Relating to the protection and care of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

HB 2725             Thompson, Senfronia / Frullo / Raymond / Davis, Sarah

Relating to the confidentiality of certain records maintained by a victims of trafficking shelter center and the creation of minimum standards for certain facilities that provide services to victims of trafficking.

HB 2743             Phillips

Relating to the powers and jurisdiction of a regional mobility authority.

HB 2751             Clardy / Bell

Relating to the liability of individuals providing labor or assistance to the Texas Forest Service in the performance of certain fire suppression duties.

HB 2760             Branch / Anderson / King, Susan / Keffer / Longoria / et al.

Relating to partnerships between the Texas State Technical College System and public junior colleges.

HB 2761             Anderson / Perry

Relating to the control of stray bison and other estrays.

HB 2892             Raney

Relating to the authority of the board of regents of The Texas A&M University System to dispose of real property and mineral interests under its jurisdiction.

HB 2984             Dutton

Relating to lobbying expenditures that are made jointly.

HB 3031             Fletcher

Relating to fare enforcement officers for metropolitan rapid transit authorities.

HB 3075             Miller, Rick

Relating to the use of real property by the University of Houston--Sugar Land.

HB 3172             Bohac

Relating to the content of photographic traffic monitoring system signs.

HB 3253             Zerwas

Relating to the notation of death on a birth certificate.

HB 3314             Kuempel

Relating to instruction and continuing education requirements for certain court clerks.

HB 3332             Keffer

Relating to junior college district territory annexation and program approval in certain counties.

HB 3337             King, Tracy O.

Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a county hotel occupancy tax.

HB 3378             Price / King, Ken

Relating to an annual term for the 47th District Court.

HB 3434             Raymond

Relating to incentives for using supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits to purchase nutritious foods.

HB 3543             Menéndez / Moody

Relating to training, certification, and accreditation provided or regulated by the Texas Veterans Commission.

HB 3559             Pickett

Relating to the Texas Peace Officers' Memorial Monument.

HB 3561             Murphy

Relating to the proceedings of certain municipal courts held in the corporate limits of a contiguous incorporated municipality.

HB 3676             Phillips

Relating to the application of restrictions on drivers under 18 years of age.

HB 3889             Darby

Relating to the dissolution of the Lipan Creek Flood Control District.

HB 3900             Geren

Relating to the board of directors of the Tarrant Regional Water District.

HCR 40              Johnson / et al.

Designating the first Saturday in May as Texas Academic College Scholarship Day for a 10-year period beginning in 2014.

HCR 41              Ashby

Designating Jewett as the Sculpture Capital of Texas and commemorating the third annual Leon County Art Trail.

HCR 54              Harper-Brown

Designating Grand Prairie as the Purple Martin Conservation Capital of Texas.

HCR 57              Hunter / Thompson, Senfronia / Riddle / Fletcher / Lozano

Requesting the lieutenant governor and the speaker of the house of representatives to create a joint interim committee to study human trafficking in Texas.

HCR 71              Bell

Urging the United States Congress to request that the U.S. Postmaster General designate a ZIP code that includes all properties within the city of Prairie View.

HCR 84              Springer

Designating Floydada as the Pumpkin Capital of Texas.

HCR 87              Springer

Designating the pumpkin as the official State Squash of Texas.