Daily House Calendar

Friday, May 03, 2013



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 14               Pitts / Murphy / Cook / Crownover / Turner, Scott / et al.

Relating to the fiscal transparency and accountability of certain entities responsible for public money.

HB 2748             Lewis / Crownover / King, Tracy O. / Raymond / Darby / et al.

Relating to judicial proceedings and Railroad Commission of Texas hearings to determine whether a person who owns, operates, or manages a pipeline is a common carrier; authorizing a fee.

HB 31               Branch / Vo / et al.

Relating to certain requirements applicable to meetings of the governing board of a general academic teaching institution or a state university system.

HB 852              Lucio III / Isaac / Farrar / Herrero / et al.

Relating to the sale and purchase of shark fins or products derived from shark fins; creating an offense.

HB 72               Fletcher / Bonnen, Dennis / Moody / King, Phil / Naishtat / et al.

Relating to the penalty for the offense of leaving the scene of an accident that involves personal injury or death.

HB 213              Hilderbran / et al.

Relating to the $1 million total revenue exemption for the franchise tax.

HB 3241             Thompson, Senfronia / Taylor, Van / Davis, Yvonne / Gooden / Laubenberg

Relating to the civil prosecution of racketeering related to trafficking of persons; providing penalties.

HB 2072             Rodriguez, Eddie / Davis, John / Naishtat

Relating to services for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing and licensing requirements for interpreters for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing; providing an administrative penalty; requiring a fee and changing the rate of a fee.

HB 2383             Eiland / Goldman / Toth

Relating to life settlement contracts for the payment of long-term care services under the medical assistance program and the consideration of a life insurance policy in determining eligibility for medical assistance.

HB 2512             Miller, Rick

Relating to the disclosure of certain information to the secretary of state for use in voter registration or the administration of elections.

HB 2978             Parker

Relating to service of citation in connection with an expedited judicial foreclosure proceeding.

HB 1926             King, Ken / Deshotel / Villarreal / Farney / Ratliff / et al.

Relating to the operation of the state virtual school network and courses provided through other distance learning arrangements.

HB 3390             Hilderbran / Murphy

Relating to the Texas Economic Development Act; authorizing a fee.

HB 595              Kolkhorst

Relating to certain health programs and councils.

HB 1562             Harless / Canales

Relating to notice provided when a bail bond surety is in default.

HB 1606             Moody

Relating to the prosecution of the offenses of harassment and stalking.

HB 1621             Aycock

Relating to the regulation and practice of veterinary medicine; authorizing a fee.

HB 1645             Riddle

Relating to the monitoring of the Internet access of certain sex offenders placed on community supervision or released on parole or to mandatory supervision.

HB 1824             Harper-Brown / Ratliff

Relating to the operation of master mixed-use property owners' associations.

HB 2873             Harper-Brown

Relating to the development of a model contract management process for use with low-risk state procurements.

HB 2782             Smithee

Relating to the authority of the commissioner of insurance to disapprove rate changes for certain health benefit plans.

HB 1751             Patrick, Diane / Allen / Ratliff / Villalba / Aycock

Relating to the public school educator excellence innovation program.

HB 1809             Lucio III

Relating to the authority of a cultural education facilities finance corporation to acquire and finance certain public property projects.

HB 1903             Eiland

Relating to the allocation of amounts deposited into the oyster sales account and the abolishment of the oyster advisory committee.

HB 1967             Deshotel

Relating to use of sales and use tax proceeds by certain economic development corporations for certain job-related skills training.

HB 2015             Davis, John

Relating to the proper classification of workers performing services in connection with governmental contracts; providing a penalty.

HB 2038             Dukes / Turner, Scott / Raymond / Coleman / Taylor, Van

Relating to addressing disproportionality and disparities in the education, juvenile justice, child welfare, health, and mental health systems, the continuation and operation of the Interagency Council for Addressing Disproportionality, and the duties of the Center for Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities.

HB 2049             Huberty / MenÚndez

Relating to a qualifying cogeneration facility's ability to sell electric energy to multiple purchasers.

HB 2062             Davis, John

Relating to the regulation of plumbing.

HB 2127             Howard

Relating to the eligibility of certain employees of public institutions of higher education to participate in a state group benefits program.

HB 2152             Callegari

Relating to fees charged to certain recreational vehicle parks.

HB 2202             Pickett / McClendon

Relating to the disposition of fees collected by or on behalf of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles; authorizing fees.

HB 2267             Larson

Relating to the confidentiality of certain home address information in ad valorem tax appraisal records.

HB 2451             King, Tracy O.

Relating to the exclusion by taxable entities engaged in providing services as an agricultural aircraft operation of certain costs in determining total revenue for purposes of the franchise tax.

HB 2473             Deshotel

Relating to use of sales and use tax proceeds by economic development corporations in connection with housing facilities for certain institutions of higher education.

HB 2615             Johnson

Relating to reporting and information availability requirements for persons impounding, diverting, or otherwise using state water; providing a penalty.

HB 3093             Elkins

Relating to the powers and duties of the Department of Information Resources and the Legislative Budget Board regarding information resources technologies of state agencies.

HB 2712             Perez / Hernandez Luna / Strama / Walle

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of energy storage systems used for the control of air pollution in a nonattainment area.

HB 2732             Workman

Relating to the authorization, regulation, and function of dedicated personal insurers; creating offenses; imposing a fee.

HB 2741             Phillips

Relating to the regulation of motor vehicles by counties and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles; authorizing a fee; creating an offense.

HB 2757             Bonnen, Dennis

Relating to authorizing a municipality to file a lien on homestead property for the costs incurred by the municipality related to a dangerous structure on the property.

HB 2840             Giddings

Relating to the urban land bank demonstration program in certain municipalities.

HB 2877             Sheffield, J. D.

Relating to the applicability of the Texas Theft Liability Act to certain claims by inmates for lost, damaged, or confiscated property.