H.R. No. 2910
         BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of
  Texas, 83rd Legislature, Regular Session, 2013, That House Rule 13,
  Section 9(a), be suspended in part as provided by House Rule 13,
  Section 9(f), to enable the conference committee appointed to
  resolve the differences on House Bill 3106 (compensatory payments
  and reinsurance agreements made in connection with the issuance of
  title insurance) to consider and take action on the following
         House Rule 13, Section 9(a)(4), is suspended to permit the
  committee to add text on a matter which is not included in either
  the house or senate version of the bill by adding the following new
  SECTIONS to the bill:
         SECTION 2.  Section 2551.305, Insurance Code, is amended by
  adding Subsection (e) to read as follows:
         (e)  Notwithstanding any other provision of this subchapter,
  a title insurance company may obtain reinsurance by a reinsurance
  treaty or other reinsurance agreement from an assuming insurer with
  a financial strength rating of B+ or better from the A. M. Best
  Company that meets the requirements of Subchapter C, Chapter 493,
  if the title insurance company has provided the department with an
  affidavit that:
               (1)  contains facts that demonstrate the title
  insurance company was unable after diligent effort to procure
  sufficient reinsurance from another title insurance company; and
               (2)  states the terms of the reinsurance treaty or
  other reinsurance agreement that the title insurance company will
         SECTION 4.  The change in law made by Section 2551.305(e),
  Insurance Code, as added by this Act, applies only to reinsurance
  obtained on or after the effective date of this Act. Reinsurance
  obtained before the effective date of this Act is governed by the
  law as it existed immediately before the effective date of this Act,
  and that law is continued in effect for that purpose.
         Explanation: This addition is necessary to allow a title
  insurance company, on satisfaction of certain requirements, to
  obtain reinsurance from certain insurers.
  Speaker of the House     
         I certify that H.R. No. 2910 was adopted by the House on May
  26, 2013, by the following vote:  Yeas 144, Nays 1, 2 present, not
  Chief Clerk of the House