83R23338 LUC-F
  By: Branch H.R. No. 1871
         WHEREAS, It is essential for the future prosperity of the
  Lone Star State that young Texans pursue higher education and
  develop the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in today's
  global economy; and
         WHEREAS, Generation TX is an innovative program sponsored by
  the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board that seeks to
  establish a culture of college and career readiness in Texas public
  schools and to promote the idea that postsecondary studies are a
  realistic goal for all students in the state; and
         WHEREAS, This community-based initiative assists students by
  providing detailed guidance on how to further their education and
  by outlining the processes of applying for admission and financial
  aid; in addition, Generation TX provides inspiration to students to
  pursue higher education, as well as valuable information on college
  readiness; and
         WHEREAS, GenTX.org, the official website of Generation TX,
  connects students in a fun and informative online community and
  serves as a resource center that clarifies the steps that students
  need to take to pursue their studies beyond high school; and
         WHEREAS, GenTX Day is being observed on May 3, 2013, to draw
  attention to the Generation TX initiative and to celebrate and
  congratulate students in the state, especially this year's
  graduating seniors; to help commemorate GenTX Day, all residents of
  the Lone Star State are asked to wear a T-shirt of their favorite
  college to show their support for higher education; and
         WHEREAS, This year's theme, "Take a Step on GenTX Day," is
  designed to motivate school and community groups to celebrate the
  day with college enrollment activities that help close educational
  gaps in their community, so Generation TX is asking students,
  parents, educators, nonprofits, businesses, and all participating
  groups to do at least one of these three things on GenTX Day: fill
  out a college application, take a college tour, or be a college
  mentor; and
         WHEREAS, A postsecondary education offers many benefits,
  including broader opportunities, a more rewarding career path,
  pride of achievement, and the ability to attain a better standard of
  living, and the celebration of GenTX Day will help young Texans to
  better appreciate the actions they can take to prepare themselves
  for the challenges and opportunities of the future; now, therefore,
  be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize May 3, 2013, as GenTX Day at the State
  Capitol and commend Generation TX for helping students and their
  families become better informed about college and career education.